This is an older post but I went through the same thing except Im in BC. I looked for a 500 hr program and only found one in the whole of BC. There was only 3 other schools in BC but it was also low hours. I did it the 500 since it was needed if I was to join the BC association.

The program was very very VERY basic (i read books and worked on a couple classmates in other programs once in awhile) and I didnt come out of it with as much knowledge and practical skills like I thought I would.

Luckily I had some electrologists around me from work and they helped out as well as reading Hairtell.
I also moved away to work for an electrolysis biz for very very very little $ to gain experience.

If 40 hours is all you can find and afford and you really want to do it then go for it and make up for it through other means: practice practice practice.

Find a mentor. Sometimes if you go to another town for a mentor the electrologist won't be worried about you taking any clients with you. Not everyone feels this way but I came across some people in the biz who were very cautious and had me sign contracts regarding clients or not being allowed to work for competitors.

Oh I took the program in 2008 and the best electrology program in the province shut down 2 years before I was looking to take a course. Ah well

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