The one thing I've felt is missing here, is a comprehensive list of resources for learning, and it's the aim of this thread to help overcome that. I'm hoping this thread will at somepoint turn into a sticky because of it's importance in putting together in one place, a list of resources that people have found useful in learning.

What I would like to see here is the following:
Links to articles or ebooks that demonstrate the technique and issues that are helpful in learning electrolysis
Links to posts on the forums here or elsewhere, that people have found useful in learning.
Links to some of the resources that the professionals here have developed for their own sites that are useful to the learning electrolysist that may not be listed here
Links to specific youtube videos that are useful in learning technique.
Short descriptions stating what is contained in your link and why it is found useful.

What I'm specifically trying to avoid in this post is general chitchat. I want to try and keep the topics listed here useful, and minimize excessive noise that may reduce the list's usefulness.

One of the sites I have found useful for learning information is Michael Bono's site, specifically his short ebook on the blend method, which is a short condensed version of his full book on the is located here:
You may also want to look t the "Training"section on his site located here:
I've found that section specifically discussed Telangiectasia which isnt of as much interest to me, but may be to others.
Of specific interest to me is trangender hair removal, as I myself identify as TG and have the hope of specializing in this area at some point. I found some of the informtion here useful:
Also it is worth perusing the main electrolysis guide for tht site located here:
as it discusses some topics like pain control, electrolysis complications, dangers of electrolysis including high frequency blowout, and information on choosing an electrolysist.Note that I have found at least one of the articles outdated, and inaccurate so be careful of this information source and double check facts elsewhere.