Dear Hairtell consumers:

Please think very hard before paying for electrolysis services in advance. If you have never had treatment with a practitioner before, get to know them, check out their office, get some smaller sessions behind you, so you can KNOW that this is the real deal for you. With this plan, you will know if you want to reserve large blocks of time with this person and then perhaps you can pay in advance a certain amount of time, but it shouldn't be several thousands of dollars, in advance!

If it feels wrong, then DON'T DO IT!

There are plenty of us that don't ask for payment up front and we know how to remove hair permanently. Find someone like that! Take it slowly, gather some information, experience a treatment or two and then decide if you will advance someone a lot of money to do your work.

We do occasionally get clients that pass bad checks or bring credit cards that are denied. We do get people that reserve time in large blocks and when they cancel, it leaves big gaps in our schedule that we may or may not fill. I can see asking for payment up front for those who chronically abuse and disrespect us, but those people are few, far and in between.

Don't let the emotion of being hair-free someday cloud your decision making skills. It can only bring additional expense and sleepless nights.

Paying in advance is not a common practice for services rendered in this profession.
Dee Fahey, R.N., C.T.
Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Nursing license and Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis license

British Institute & Association of Electrolysis

Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.