Eli.za, If you're middle-Eastern you are a skin type 4, no matter how pale you are. It is the potential for reaction, or the sensitivity of the skin that is ranked and that comes from the ethnic origin. Being paler would allow the practitioner to push your settings up quicker as long as you don't react to the test patches. You can and probably will end up being treated on settings for skin type 3 and even above, if they bother to test patch you higher every time and increase the setting on every next visit.
However, 16 j on a NdYag is terribly low. Being undertreated often leads to quicker manifestation of paradoxical hypertrichosis, or increased growth from laser treatments.
Look for a good electrologist please.
My opinion is based on 10 years laser and electrolysis practice in London.
Geri Panayotova