On page 2 of this thread I reference a link to the ontario ministry of health for infection control standards in personal service settings located here:

This link is no longer available.The document is heavily referenced throughout the province in regional health departments and used actively by municipal departments of health to guideline health inspections for electrologists.

The link has only recently become invalid.I did find a mirrored copy of this resource located here:


I also have saved a copy I can forward to anyone if need arises.

or I have a copy. This document contains critical information that is relevant to all electrologists in ontario in regards to health inspections, autoclave testing, sterile instrument (probe) sourcing ( and logging) and disinfectant proceedures and methods. It is exactly this document that local health authorities in ontario guideline by to perform health inspections and post them online.

The document is also highly referenced in this article:


I do not know why the original guidelines document is not available, it is possible it is currently being updated.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
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