Hi, a.s.93! Just read Your post now. I'm PCOS as well with long-long history of hair growth all over the place. I've done depilation for many years for most part of my body and shaved face. Now the hair on face has gotten so out of control and finally I have found an electrologist in my area,s o I have started electrolysis! I know it will take about 2 years for full clear, but it will definitely be worth it. I have also found that acupuncture and chinese herb tea's helped to reduce my free androgens somewhat and slow the hair regrowth a bit. For the rest of the body where I have it waxed.. The hair has gone from black dark stubborn coarse to thin, light fuzz and I only need to return every 4 weeks. That did take persistant going, though. I've been going some 8 years, of which last 4 very regularly (monthly).
Hirsutism due to PCOS. Diagnosed in 2005. Professional depilation full body since 2006. Started electrolysis on face and neck area in June 2016. Electrolysis completed: 910 minutes.