Really appreciate all your help and have seen a unit online for about $400. Will have to save for it. My generation as I am 53, was not really accepting of men not being totally hair brutes and follow the masculine hygiene practices most men usually do. Sorry, I just do not fall into that category. Even if I did not have the skin irritation I have, I would still not want the hair. It just looks ugly on skin. On the head and eyebrows fine, just not anywhere else.

Mostly, I would say men of my generation are less accepting, but I still did encounter some flack from a woman my age when I was going to buy some women's razors. I have never worn men's cologne or used men's soaps and deodorants either. I can't stand the smell. Too poignant and makes my nose run. People are more accepting of that fact, but the hairless part is even a touchy subject with my woman.

I tried to hide the fact I had that Flash N Go. Of course through the bathroom door she saw the flashes and told me she thought I was taking selfies of myself. I told her what it was but discussion just halted right there. She really does not want to know things like this. Sure, when we were dating she knew I used an epilator, but once again just accepted it, but wanted to know zero details about it. I even got her one, which she used for maybe a week and then just gave up on it, said it bothered her too much. I gave her zero hassle on that as is her preference to be a little hairier. Sure, she shaves her legs and underarms but arms are actually hairier than I ever was, but I accept it as I love her very much!

I am going to be a little worried what will happen when I get this electrolysis machine as I can tell will never just fit easily into a drawer. Also have zero clue what the noise level will be of it? I honestly did had high hopes of this flash stuff working, but I know when it comes to my face will never get even close to everything and I have zero proof the 80% done everywhere else will hold for the rest of my life. I have just heard way too much about hair returning. I want zero returns and just be able to enjoy my life without it. I will bet you enjoy it deeply never having to worry about pesky hairs bothering you!