Well, we own up to our mistakes.I've long preached about a certain amount of safety that the blend afforded me. So there's no excuse then I should have ignored all my own warnings about using strait high frequency in a DIY situation.

There's warning on this forum that DIY is risky and hard. I urge everyone attempting DIY to fully heed those warnings.And in order allow my experience to add to that chorus I will present to you what went wrong, and why.

High Frequency currents have the ability to cut skin . I've chopped off skin tags as big around as my pinkie finger like a hot knife through butter with high frequency current. Lets not kid ourselves folks, improperly used HF currents can cause a lot of damage.

For this reason I have typically used blend for all my facial work when performing DIY. The relatively low amounts of thermolysis used in the blend implementation on an apilus epilator are in amounts too small to cut through skin. So, no matter if my insertion is not spectacularly accurate, I am not going to cut myself as a result of the high frequency.

Today, after not touching my face in a good six months, having some androgen fluctuations due to missed pill doses in that time, I found myself with some quantity of course hair on my chin and upper lip. I also had some eyebrows that needed addressing in a most serious way. But instead of dragging out my trusty SM-500 and swapping out the VMC that is resident in my treatment room and which I use every day, I decided to do a little thermolysis on my chin, cheeks, upper lip , and then eyebrows. I know better! But I disregarded my usual precaution and proceeded with the VMC in thermolysis.

I only removed some of the hair from my face, the worst of it, before I found myself impatient and moved on to my eyebrow, heretofore known as the unibrow. I have some of the thickest course hairs on my brows, all the way almost to the eyelid for some hair, due to repetitive plucking for over 20 years. I havent got to do too much to them as I was always working on someone else but I have done some cleanup in blend on them. The first few hairs went fine. Then I attempted one on the lower part of the eye. My insertion angle wasnt good and there was pressure on the probe outwards on the skin, resulting in a small nick/cut .
It'll heal, it's small and I'm not too concerned. It was silly of me to try and use thermolysis on my brows. I suppose I could sue the practitioner, but I dont think my insurance company would go for it!

Folks , I'm not just a DIY'er. I have a certificate for a 500 hour course in electrolysis and practice damn near 7 days a week.If I can make this mistake anyone can. The reality is, that when you DIY you are making reversed movements in a mirror and sometimes, your insertions are not perfect. That spot on the top of the sideburns. Too far under the jawline. For all of these things, my recommendation is NOT to use pure high frequency on your own face.

There's been a lot of talk recently , in professional electrologist groups, that DIY'ers should not be working on their own faces. I'm usually the first one to stand up and say "No,it can be done safely, my face is proof". But the reality is when you DIY your insertions are NOT as accurate. Unless you want scarring, I do not endorse the use of thermolysis in a DIY facial project. Save the thermolysis for areas like legs or arms that you CAN see and insert properly, but stick to the blend for DIY facial work.


There you finally get to hear me say it. I screwed up! I screwed up!

Ok, I'm over it

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