For many years I have encountered clients who presented with bodies not conducive to electrolysis treatment due to lifestyle choices and their side effects and in these cases, I have often recommended nutritional changes to make electrolysis treatment more possible. I have found minerals and vitamins, especially B vitamins to be key in this effort. We advise clients to avoid caffeine, smoking alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs in order to minimize their negative side effects on treatment sensation. Presented below is some additional information on the link to over all health and treatment sensation. For those who ask "How could quitting smoking coffee or drinking have any effect on how comfortable my electrolysis treatments may be?" here is just one more connection. Keep in mind that smoking, caffeine, alcohol, birth control pills and use of excess processed sugar all flushes minerals like magnesium out of the body.

Regarding pain, Dr Carolyn Dean MD, ND says:
"...clinical experience and research in nerve pain conditions such as pancreatic cancer has shown that magnesium can be an effective treatment for pain. Although it is clear why magnesium can decrease muscle pain (it makes muscles relax), why magnesium relieves nerve pain has become equally clear and beneficial for people who suffer from pain.
A major mechanism of pain is the excessive stimulation of a brain chemical called “NMDA.” The few medications that help decrease and balance this pain-carrying neurotransmitter have the downside of causing significant side effects. But, guess what? Magnesium seems to settle down NDMA without the toxicity! A therapeutic magnesium like ReMag can be used to get a substantial and beneficial amount of magnesium into the body to settle down muscles and nerves! Not only does magnesium helps calm both the nervous system and your muscles – helping to ease nerve related pain but it can also ease anxiety and promote better sleep – which can be hugely beneficial to those whose back or nerve pain makes sleep difficult."
She also points out that Magnesium Oxide, the most most commonly sold magnesium is minimally absorbed by the body (as low as 4%) and the balance causes laxative effect in humans. This makes the type of magnesium one gets very important for therapeutic results. She recommends a Pico Meter or Nano Meter sized Magnesium Chloride for best absorption in the human body, with no laxative effect.
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