Hello, everybody
So sorry for my english))
I`ve been searching in Internet something that will fit to my problem and condition - unfortunately, I have laser stimulated facial hair.
I am a female, started laser on my face when I was 19 years old (2014) – Lightsheer laser. My hair on face were thin, vellus, but pretty dark (I have very light skin and brown hair - I am slavic). In december this year (when I am 22) I`ve started to see more dark hard hairs here and there – on my chin, neck, sideburns, some on my cheeks. My hair is very strange – it`s dark at the end, and light near the skin. That`s why laser didn`t work for me… but nobody said that to me.
So at December 2016 I`ve decided to do electrolysis and booked an appointment at one clinic. When I came there electrologyst said to me, that I should try Alexandrite laser before electrolysis. So I had 2 sessions of Alexandrit laser on my face and neck by this practitioner. I must say, that every laser that I`ve tried worked for one month for my hair – one month my face looked perfectly. But at the start of next month – everything comes again.
After 2 sessions in March 2017 I`ve started electrolysis with the same practiotioner, who suggested laser to me. He were really upset that he need to do electrolysis on my skin, because he said, he don`t want to destroy this beautiful skin. But I didn`t care much about skin, I wanted to remove those hairs.
He worked on some Spanish machine (If I am not wrong…), used Blend. That was painfull, but I am very patient and my pain threshold is very high – that was normal.
I had with him 6 appointments – and had 2 full clearances during March.
Then I`ve decided to change practitioner because my skin looked really really bad. I was swollen, red, with red dots all over the face for week after appointment. I still have brown marks (hyperpigmentation) on my skin after that. But I hope it all will fade soon.
Then I came to one woman, she was working at Apilus Senior. I came every week for an hour each time. I think that pretty much every time I had full clearances. But then I started to feel a little bit of plucking – so I decided to change practitioner again.
My third electrologyst is working on Apilus XCell. It`s wonderful machine, really fast. I like my third practitioner and first two times I had an appointments in a week, first one was 1 hour long, second – 26 min. She said that I need to come once in two weeks. Now I am coming once in two weeks and doing 1 hour.
I don`t know what to think. Every time I am getting a full clearance, no dark hairs, but in the end of two weeks I have many many dark hairs… I don`t know are those hair new, or old but they were not treated… I know that it`s a long process, I hope that in 18 monthes I will receive a good reduction. But now I am so doubtfull. And I have many many vellus hair all over my body and face.
My aftercare is: first day after appointment is no water for face, I use Chlorhexidine, tea tree oil and Bepanthen crème . When I go out I use Dectro International ACTION DE GALA Ombra Cream with SPF 100.

This is my schedule:
29.03.17 – second full clearance.
11.04.17 – 1 hour at the middle of the neck – He doesn`t want to work on my rough skin.
14.04.17 – New Practitioner. Apilus Senior. 1 h.
21.04.17 – Apilus Senior 1 h
28.04.17 – New Practitioner – Apilus XCell – 1 h
4.05.17 – Apilus XCell – 1h
12.05.17 - Apilus XCell – 26 min
25.05.17 – 68 min Apilus XCell
08.06.17 – 1 h Apilus XCell
How much does it take for a laser stimulated hair to be gone permanently? What can you say from your experience?
Because I feel myself so bad about all this...
I really appreciate every interest or answer to my topic.