Fenix, you are not crazy, do not worry.
Theoretically the probe size does not affect overall amount of Lye production in DC.
Theoretically means that we have 2 electrodes and uniform salt water between them.
However, in the follicle I am not sure that this theoretical model fully applies.
Please note, that this is my opinion and I do not pretend to be right.
Anyway, still choosing the proper size of the probe is very important:
“The key factor, and the one I want you to always consider, is the following: always be sure to use the correct diameter needle. This one factor alone is the main determinant in a proper treatment. Fit the needle diameter to the thickness of the hair! Don’t use a needle that is too thin. If you will do this, your treatment will be superb- and, it really doesn’t matter so much what type of needle you use (tapered, non-tapered, gold or stainless)” (Treatment Strategy for Electrology-Michael Bono, page 21)