True and I just back out and try again. Honestly I liked the blend on my face much more than thermo. I welt terribly with thermo no matter where it's at. Freaked another student out one day until I saw and told them it's just me.

This is more important than you know. Even a DIY'er can very quickly know whether they are in the follicle correctly or not. If your insertion is inaccurate you will feel the follicle wall break. You will see the skin bleed. You will feel the resistance to insertion. Only a follicle, feels to the probe, the way a follicle does. Whether DIY or professinal when i comes to actually doing the insertions this is a very intuitive process, and your own sensations both from the probe and the skin will very quickly let you know if you have it right or not.
Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana