Hi All! I had previously written in an electrolysis diary here. You can go to that link if you want to read the background. I decided to start a new thread now that I have actual data to show people. I remember when I first started looking into electrolysis, I found it extremely hard to find any hard numbers about how long the process would take. So, I made sure to keep extremely detailed logs and also took pictures along the way so that I could create graphs and have a visual log of the process.

Areas Treated
Face - Less than 15 hairs. Cleaned up hairline and chin line. Stray hairs only.
Chest - About 40 hairs. Nipple area only.
Knees - About 100 hairs. About 40 hairs per knee plus a handful of stray hairs on legs.

Electrolysis - Chart
by SoCal Purr, on Flickr

I've currently logged around 46 hours across all electrologists. 43 hours between Johanne and Joanie.

Electrolysis - Graph
by SoCal Purr, on Flickr

As you can see from the above chart and graph, the initial clearance phase took over 2 hours per week on average. Once the initial clearance was complete, the weekly average dropped to about 1 hour and slowly declined after that. Currently my weekly average is around 10 minutes. In order to calculate the weekly average, I'm averaging the time spent across the last 3 treatments. I'm averaging across 3 treatments so that the data is more stable.

Hopefully this helps someone.

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