I m not a mind reader yet Michael ahah.

I'm against when someone who is in Europe and make an endorsement about a professional in the states. If you haven't been treated by this person how, can you say" This person is terrifi", go to see him/her." The same if you didn't even see pictures of good quality from this practionner.

Yes i agree with the fact that it is long and not easy to post pictures on the forum hairtell. But creating a page in Flickr or in an another online photo storage website is very easy and we can put the link on hairtell and the reader can click on them and consults the album. Very easy to do.

Here is a selection of online storage website where you can easily create online albums.

Let me give you an example. When you consult for a surgical procedure, the surgeon take pictures. I have never heard or seen a surgeon who doesn't take pictures of his patients. It has to be the same with electrolysis. You are not painting on nails, you are removing hair permanently smile

It has to be part of the process. Josefa didn't have any problem taking pictures of her clients for an exemple. And thanks to this customers. When an electrologist is confident with his ability to kill hair the first time and complete an untouched area In 3/4 clearances there should be no excuses or problems to display and show they work.

Electrolysis, as said before is a micro aesthetic surgical procedure. It's essential for the electrologist to take pictures. If not. Nobody can tell with precision how the treatment is going. People forget, and a good way to remind them the fact is to look at the pictures who always say the reality at a moment of a time.

I hope electrologist will understand that pictures is now needed. The is a way to explain to the client how crucial it is to have pictures.

The true is that sometimes, some electrologists are not able to provide results like Josefa or Michael and they prefer don't take pictures. They do their work on a routine but their kill rate are not very good at all. What every electrologist should do is to always want to improve their results and finishing a customers should be very exiting and enjoying remonving permanently the hair and taking pictures to show their work. They should be proud of it. Unfortunately, it seems that it is often not the case. Let me tell you something. A record of very happy patients that new customers can for some get in contacts, with no retuning hairs documented with pictures with the modalities of the treatments is worth a degree!

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