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In my opinion we have to make one section which we can named “Electrolysis book” or “The electrolysis Bible”. It has to be written as a book which will contain all the aspects of the electrology and concentrates all the knowledge in one place.

The book should have many sections. Each section will have subsections and so on.

This is a consumer site, not a site to educate electrologists. If there were to be a section here like that, it would take someone really dedicated (maybe retired) to format an electrolysis bible. It is an excellent idea and all good things start with a really good idea. Thank you for your specific suggestions.

Any electrologist that follows Electrology International or HairShoot on a daily or weekly basis will have everything they need, in real time, regarding getting their questions answered or sharing tips and knowledge with other electrologists. I think those sites are wonderfully helpful for professional electrologists, including electrologists that perform light-based treatments, as well. We do not have up-to-date text books, so these closed FaceBook sites are the next best thing to discussing challenging cases, equipment, ergonomics, anesthetics, sterilization and disinfection, business decisions, marketing and griping about no shows and tardy clients. We all gain much from the large numbers of electrologists that participate on these sites.

Hairtell is huge. It's been up and going strong since 2002. It is not perfect, but using the search function can be helpful if you are a consumer. Of course, asking questions that have been answered many times before is always a repetitive process that gets to some of us, so it is good for the newbie to check out the sister site, HairFacts.com and do some research on their own. The British FAQ site ( The British Institue and Association of Electrolysis) is located in my signature, https://electrolysis.co.uk/faqs/ which I think is really good to peruse and learn about if you are a consumer.
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