I know there have been previous threads on this topic, but a lot of the replies had to do with DIY electrolysis or getting an erection (but I have other questions I'd love to get answered). Also, there might be new opinions/insights since the last topic was introduced.

1) is it safe? getting this done is very important to me from an aesthetics point of view, but the last thing I'd want is to cause scarring or damage "down there" just for appearance and convenience.

2) would you recommend one of the modalities (thermolysis, galvanic, blend) over the other for this area? One of the practitioners i've found who is comfortable working on this area does pure thermolysis. While I have read susan laird's website on how galvanic alone is the only safe method, most other electrolysis I have asked have said thermolysis is safe. I don't know what to believe here...

3) do you all know any good electrologists in San Francisco who are willing to work on this area? It seems hard to find someone who is comfortable doing this.

4) would laser hair removal be appropriate as well? I'm leaning towards electrolysis, since it has been around longer, is more precise, and the area I'm treating is smaller. But I want to be thorough.