I'm having electolysis done on that areas for 1 year, 8 months now. It is very safe to do and will not cause any physical harm to genitals.
My first year was with professional electrolysis with thermolysis and then switched to DIY with single needle galvanic for 8 months now.

When I had professional treatments with thermolysis there was bruising and black and blue marks from some sessions. But all that was temporary. Also the pain from thermolysis is up there and you will need to use numbing creams. My biggest issue was poor kill rate and progress.
Doing DIY every 2-3 weeks in galvanic, I have seen major progress in past 8 months!

I don't want to get into modality wars but in my experience accurate insertions are very difficult on scrotal area because it's not a flat surface. There is more chance for thermolysis to miss the target. I believe blend or galvanic provides better coverage of the target area. ( I can't prove any of this.)

It's hard to find electrologists who want to work on male genitals so you will be stuck with limited options. You can try searching transgender forums for recommendations.