Hello everyone, I'm a 25 year old female who has started 30 minute weekly electrolysis sessions in September. The electolygist I am seeing has 20 years experience, is very knowledgable and kind. I trusted her immediately. I am posting a couple photos in concerns to my healing, although the red spots are not my biggest concern because I do have faith they are still healing- it is the indentations. I circled it in photo 1 to bring attention to it, if you zoom you can clearly see it. It resembles skin of someone who has acne scars. I am DEVASTATED they are there. What is happening? Is this normal? Should I stop immediately. I obviously am going to bring this to my electrolygist attention but having multiple opinions would truly comfort me. How disappointing would it he to trade my hair insecurity for scar insecurity! My after care is to ice the area, apply tea tree oil daily for 3 days and then coconut oil daily. I scab almost weekly, and do not pick at all. I have gotten a couple "pimple" like white heads, and a couple times have oozed clearish yellow fluid. My skin is indeed sensitive. The hairs are strong that I have, and we have been on a high setting- a hair sometimes takes 6 or 7 pulses to let go. I usually stay swollen for days, and red longer as you can see. Is this all sounding normal? I have had weeks were it healed quickly and then left minimal red spots and weeks were it stayed red and inflamed for a while. I'm just really concerned about the indentations. Is that a sign of something I am missing? What can i do to help it? Is the redness a concern as well? My last treatment was the Tuesday before Christmas. Is the red spots staying to long? Obviously they are all from different treatments. I would really appreciate any advice or input. I want to have hairless skin without deep indentations!