Hi all,

I recently had an electrolysis session to lower my beard line and reduce the density of hairs in my goatee area (I had a session in these areas once before too). My upper cheeks do not have a lot of hair, but figured I would have them removed to clean up the line. Before the session, I let my facial grow for about a week so I had some good growth for the practitioner to work with.

The upper cheek hairs were removed during the session and it looked pretty good upon completion, however now that it has been about 4-6 weeks since the session, it appears those hairs on my upper cheek and in my goatee area have grown back. The goatee area ones are hard to definitively say they came back, but since I only had sparse hairs on my upper cheek, it is much easier to see that they grew back.

I am now questioning if the treatment was effective (not enough power used?) or why they came back, and what to do next since electrolysis sessions can add up in price? I does not appear the session was that effective, if at all.

I am aware that hair grows in cycles, and one could claim that the hairs growing on my upper cheek presently were dormant during the treatment, however I find that very hard to believe considering I have a small amount of hairs on my upper cheek and I would have noticed them at some point earlier in my life. Ironically, I did not really feel the "tugging" during the session, leading my to believe the follicle was treated instead of the hair being ripped out, but then why is it growing back?

I am writing the HT community to get advice on what should I do - is this normal for sparse areas for all the hairs to grow back? Should I ask for a higher setting next time? Maybe try a different practitioner?

I generally have confidence in the practitioner which is why I am unsure about why the results are the way they are.