There are no dermatologists on this site. Some of us practice electrolysis and sometimes can identify common post-treatment lesions from photos ... but when we cannot, it's just a guess. So, I'll have a "stab at it" too:

We all have resident bacteria living all over our entire skin. It looks to me like your own bacteria (my guess: staph) has taken up residence and created a couple pimples. These should resolve as your own immune system kills-off the bacterial overgrowth.

Were you my client, I would have you carefully wash before and after a treatment (at home) with a surgical preparation such as Hibiclens (to kill-off a good portion of the bacteria). I would also apply it at 50% strength at the conclusion of each treatment; and then no other product. Follow instructions for whatever product is applicable.

Then again, this is a total guess because like all of us we cannot diagnose anything and none of us are dermatologists. If you sometimes get such random (and good sized) outbreaks like this, that would tend to confirm my arbitrary idea.