I just bought a Uniprobe Lite (Slow Thermolysis) and can't seem to find anyplace on the net to assist me in using this device. The unit came with one piece of paper basically describing how to set up the machine. It did not include any information on how to properly set the correct treatment levels.

I really didn't want to hurt myself so I started out on the lowest setting. I gradualy increased the settings untill I started to feel something. I didn't really seem to have a problem inserting the probe. How do I know what the correct dept to insert the probe is? Do I just guess how deep the root is in that area and try to get the end of the probe to that level? In some areas the probe can go in all the way without stopping. Now I know for a fact that the root of my hair isn't that deep. How many zaps should it take per hair with this machine?

First I tried tweezing a hair to see how much resistance I would feel if untreated. Next I tried treating hair on what I thought was a low setting and not much happened. I felt a small amount of heat but that was about it. The hair seemed to come out a little easier then normal tweezing but nowhere near not lifting my skin at all. I tried gradually increasing the setting some more and was able to get it to a point where the hair and bulb looked singed and darker then normal. The hair definatly came out easier then normal tweezing but I still did have to tug a little to get it moving. I then increased the settings once again and my skin seemed lets say boil and I could hear a very faint poping noise. The hair still didn't just slide out without having to tug at all. I would think this would be over treating but I may be wrong. This leaves the biggest mark and the next day my skin in that spot seems to wheep a little. It won't leave a scar or anything but I have read in some post that some scabbing is normal. Oh and I think I relized that if I insert the probe to little it just burns the surface of my skin.

If there is a book or website that can answer my questions about this type of machine or similar method I would be more then happy to read up on it.

I know I asked alot of questions but I think you can see where I am going with this. My problem is I don't have any way of knowing what should happen when it is done right.

Please help,

PS. The reason I am doing this myself is becasue I have had about 10 laser treatments to my face becasue I am extreamly prone to ingrown hairs. The laser can't seem to treat certain parts of my face like my chin and upper lip and around my mouth. Ironically the area that shaving is the worst. Now After all these laser treatments I look like a tiger or lets say a marble cake. I could keep going with laser but every time I do it I get my hopes up that the stripes will go away. I'm not getting stripes in new areas but its the same ones that don't seem to get fixed. I did switch doctors on 2 occasions. My hopes are that with electrolysis I can get myself looking back to normal. I don't have to do my entire face just the spots the laser missed. Also laser makes me break out bad do to the fact I have all these singed hairs under my skin and must wait for them to grow out. Treating the hair and removing it at the same time seems much more appealing to me. I have alread spent a few grand.