I just wanted to take a minute and kind of tell my story about what's happening here between me and the local American Laser Center clinic in Pittsburgh.

About 13 months ago, I read their website, which stated that they can "effectively treat all types of hair." I have no pigment to my skin at all and have dark blonde hair. After going in for the consultation, I was told repeatedly by the clinical director that I was a good candidate and she gauranteed me that it would work. I was very nervous, having been to several other treatment centers in the area, so she reiterated that it would work, then added that I could pay half down. If I paid half down and it didn't work, I could just stop going. They would keep my $1,250, but I didn't have to come back for more. With that, I signed the treatment plan.

They told me that I would see differences after the first treatment, but after the first one, I didn't notice anything. I then came back six weeks later (November 2006) for another treatment. Still, no difference. I decided to just go ahead and forfeit the money.

I didn't hear anything from the company for six or seven months, just like I intended. In July, however, I was contacted by a new manager who said that she had my file and was seeing a "Balance of $1250" on it. She suggested I come back in for treatment. I advised her that I couldn't because it wasn't working. She told me it sometimes takes 6 treatments or more to see ANY result, which is a direct contradiction to what they told me before. I told her this. She said she would contact her regional director and that she would check into it.

Once again I didn't hear anything for a few months. In December of this year I was contacted repeatedly (four calls inbound, three voicemail messages) the day after Christmas. They advised me to contact her. I did, and it was then that she told me that I should come back in for treatment, and that she "Would hate to ruin my credit." I took this pretty seriously. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

I hadn't heard anything from the Better Business Bureau in the two weeks that it's been, but just yesterday I decided to call ALC's office to see if they had heard from the Better Business Bureau. She did call me back, and sounded like she had me on speakerphone with someone else. The manager was very rude to me and told me that their "Legal team would be in touch". She then said that all of my "records had been forwarded off to legal" and to expect a call from them - That "They would be contacting me". She seemed upset that I told the BBB that the company was harassing me and coercing me to continue treatment. She then abruptly ended the coversation.

I just got in touch with a lawyer. I mean, what else am I to do? I'm very young and I don't need some crappy company messing with my credit. Isn't showing my medical records to someone I don't authorize a violation of HIPAA? Besides, they coerced me into signing the original agreement and then told me if I didn't continue treatment for something that didn't work, they'd ruin my credit.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any thoughts about this company or the way that they do business?