I don't post much to this site, but I just read that there aren't many out there that came back to say that electrolysis works. Well, here I am again! I had been undergoing electrolysis for about two years and after more than 300 hours under my belt, I am done and extremely happy with my results. This is note worthy, as I was told that I had more than enough hair to populate two faces over both my face and neck areas. Other than a stray 15 minute treatment about once every 2 years, I have not seen James outside of bumping into him at the mall, or in the park, and the hairs that we worked on then were blond and very fine. We have been done for about 5 years now. Most of the treatments were nearly painless, except for the upper lip (Under my nose) and my chin. I slept through a lot of my sessions. I have no pock marks and my skin is smooth and beautiful. Electrolysis works and is painless if it is done right. grin

I will have to say that I got very lucky when I found found James Walker. I had been going to another electrolygist in the area for a year before I found him and I could only take an hours worth of treatments a week and the sessions were very painful and I left her house red, sore, swollen and with ice on my face. After a year with her , I had gotten no where. A year lost, and what I now feel was money down the drain. The first time I went to see James, I went for three hours and I left feeling the same way I had walked in to see him.I'm not saying all the sessions were painless, because some were, but none as bad as what I had been doing with the other person I had started my treatments with. The difference was astounding.
I have photos of my progress on my site if you care to look. http://www.geocities.com/tinamarie022/Hair.html I am done now and I didn't think I would ever get here, but I did and I am a happy girl.

by the way, here is a picture of what I look like today years after my last treatment.


I hope you all will help out and post your success stories here so others can easily find them and we can show what Electrolysis can do. Good electrolysis can run circles around laser in my opinion. Maybe not in speed of treatments, but certainly in results given, and time to completion, as measured in months from start to no hair at all.

Good luck to you all.
Tina Marie
Tina Marie