... all who have started Electrolysis after laser.

I'm working on a case that could be similar to yours. Male, multiple laser sessions, young (incomplete development of hairs), etc.
This man had laser in the chest, upper arms, neck, stomach and abdomen (for more than two years with an alexandrite).
When he first came to me in March 2011 for a trial session in his neck, I photographed all the areas he wanted to eliminate with Electrolysis. The last laser session was a year before the first photo. In this first trip, we did not touch the chest, because there was no time and his main priority was the neck (front and back), so the chest was not touched until July 2011. Notice how the density of hairs on his chest is substantially higher in July (actual date of start of Electrolysis) than in the photo taken in March . Thank God I did not work in this area in March, because if I have done, the appearance of failure would be brutal.

My intention in opening this thread is to help you understand that you probably will have more regrowth of what you expect, but your electrologist is killing all the hairs that are coming (whether the regrowth arrive by the induced growth, as if coming from a new development).


In July 2011 (before first clearance)

In November 2011 (before second clearance)

In March 2012 (before third clearance)

I hope this helps you understand how important it is to interpret the results based on what happened before of electrolysis treatments.