Do-it-yourself electrolysis is not easy to do. You can damage your skin and waste time with ineffective treatment unless your technique is correct. That takes time and training. Most people who try at-home electrolysis do not succeed in meeting their goals.

I tried it myself and gave up after a lot of pain and tedium. It's not practical for large areas, and the little battery-operated home units are very difficult to use.

One of our electrologist contributors Arlene has the following suggestions:

DIYers - take the online courses or actually enroll in an onsite electrology school. These schools also require some on-site training to assist you in the practical application of electrolysis.

Because this work is very tedious and difficult, we welcome new students into the field and then, perhaps more professionals might respond to your technical questions.

There are way too many variables to consider when determining settings.

We are seeing too many DIYers purchasing machines over the internet yet they haven't even read the books necessary to develop even a basic understanding of energy and tissue.

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