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#101572 - 10/06/12 12:18 PM Laser Beard Removal - Advice
UniG Offline

Registered: 10/05/12
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Let me start by saying that I didn't find a suitable section for this post, so I decided to post here and I ask the mods to relocate the topic if necessary. Thanks

Allow now me to expose my current situation before asking for advice:

Just over two years ago I decided to do permanent beard removal. I had about 12 sessions done in total. The first 6 were IPL, the following were laser.

It was first estimated that I'd need about 8 sessions (though no promises were made). As of now my beard is much less dense around my mouth, chin and throat and it's not patched at all, it's uniform, which is good. I need only shave about twice a week. In fact I can't even shave earlier than that because it's just too shallow to shave. However, on the rest of the face (on the sides), it's really patchy and after 3 days it looks like I shaved it unproperly, which looks awful.

After the last session I couldn't afford to continue with the procedure.
Not only that, right after my last session I made an appointment with my dermatologist who said that completly removing the beard would look odd. Actually the word she used was "bizarre".

So because of that and because of me being unhappy about somethings with the clinic I was attending, I decided to stop to access my situation.

It's been almost a year since my last session and I need to consider what to do next. I don't like my beard's present state, though I might be willing to keep it that way.

I'm considering the following options:

i) Keep my beard as it is and try to the deal with the patchy sides the best I can.

ii) Having more sessions done on the sides to completly remove it, thus solving the patchy sides issue, while keeping the rest untouched.

iii) Completly remove everything.

The above options were written in order from what I want the least to what I want the most. My problem is that, as my dermatologist decided to describe, I don't want my face to look bizarre. I have a masculine face, so I'm not worried about looking like a woman. I just don't wanna look weird.

Have any men out there completly removed the beard? Do you think it looks odd? What kind of feedback did you get?
Any women know any men who have done this? How do you access the procedure aesthetically?

I'm looking for objective advice on what looks best as I lack the insight to evaluate such matters.


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#101575 - 10/06/12 06:58 PM Re: Laser Beard Removal - Advice [Re: UniG]
Brenton Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 06/09/11
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Loc: SoCal
I'm not really sure why it would look weird. It look like how your face normally looks when you shave it (unless you always have shadow that shows through, in which case it would take getting used to.) The only area of the face I've really seen ever "debated" about being removed is the upper lip. I'm in the process of removing my beard, and I can tell you that I like the look a lot better. I'd say the time while you're removing it looks weirder than the end result (since any area not treated yet will look like essentially a straight line of hair where it doesn't "blend" in real nicely.) I'd say if you want it gone, go for it.

#101587 - 10/06/12 11:36 PM Re: Laser Beard Removal - Advice [Re: Brenton]
UniG Offline

Registered: 10/05/12
Posts: 2
Originally Posted By: Brenton
I'm not really sure why it would look weird. It look like how your face normally looks when you shave it (unless you always have shadow that shows through, in which case it would take getting used to.)

I think that's why it might look weird, because of no shadow. Doesn't every man have a beard shadow? You sort of imply that some men don't.

Anyway, thanks for your opinion. I posted in two other forums, you're the first reply I got. Appreciated.

#103537 - 12/25/12 06:30 PM Re: Laser Beard Removal - Advice [Re: UniG]
cb1 Offline

Registered: 12/20/12
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Loc: London, UK
Er, no not all men have noticeable shadow as far as I can see.

White: Anglo Saxon/Celtic
Oriental: a lot if not the majority

I'd have taken off if I were you. Actually sounds 'weirder' with the patches than without.

In my experience IPL seems to attack the hair growth much less aggressively than laser, so I think you should finish it with that.
Male [Straight], 36, Asian/European, Typical Hair Growth/Colour: Coarse, Thick/Black; Fitzpatrick Type IV
Circa 1997 - September 2012: Full Body Wax once a month (approx 180 times)
Circa 1999 - September 2007: Full Face Threading [upper/lower lip, cheeks, neck] once every 7-10 days (approx 330 times)
Currently: Laser Hair Removal (face), IPL [CACI] (body), wax (buttocks/bikini line/nasal/earlobes), threading (eyebrows)


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