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#10746 - 12/17/03 06:26 AM Re: Removing hair for a competition
Balius Offline
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Timing might be a bit tight for the summer. I would allow more time then might be required just to be safe so you don't go into a competition all spotted up from ingrowns or the treatment.

Most of the occurance and marking from ingrown hairs is finished about 6 to 8 weeks after a laser or electrolysis treatment. It seems that just the first batch of regrowth following a treatment seems more prone to becoming ingrown. We are not taking a huge number either (you don't look like you have chicken pox) but if your skin is light it can spoil the smooth hair free look. Initially I was averaging around a few dozen per leg, maybe a dozen on the chest and with susequent treatments that has dropped to just a few on each area of the body.


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#10747 - 12/17/03 11:49 AM Re: Removing hair for a competition
Aitaronz Offline
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Hmm... If it's mostly just a matter of colouring, ingrown hairs shouldn't be too much of a problem. The fake tan bodybuilders use is industrial strength, and they use it liberally! It is often literally painted on. So small amounts of blemishes would probably be hidden.

What would concern me, however is if the ingrowns caused large lumps. As I said in my first post, my attempt at waxing left me with big zit/welt-like swellings on the back of my legs - not something that could be covered by fake tan!

I think these were ingrown hairs... [Confused] ... does that sound like the kind of reaction you'd expect to see?

#10748 - 12/30/03 07:54 PM Re: Removing hair for a competition
Baldie Offline

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Despite what methods you choose to remove hair, you can get ingrowns. They're the result of the hair being removed below the surface, and sometimes they just grow back in crooked. I've had laser and electrolysis under my arms (I just shave everything else), and the results are better with electrolysis. I also have less ingrowns with more treatment as your last responder said. My electrologist would love to make her life easier with the much quicker laser machine, but has many people come in for treatment who have been lasered. For all its claims, it simply is not permanent. It will reduce hair, but she makes plenty of money off of the fact that most laser customers are not satisfied in the space of a year or less, and seek a truly permanent solution. A key for you to reduce ingrowns may be the use of such soaps as Neutrogena Body clear with a 2% Salicylic acid. Don't use this more than 3 times a week as it tends to dry. Also, if you shave and/or wax, and then sweat alot at the gym, you will clog pores and get ingrowns. Keep the skin dry after whatever methods you use, no moisturizers either. Don't use perfumed soaps in the shower. Use Dr. Bonner's Tea Tree Oil Bare or liquid soap—you can find it at most health food stores. Also, keep in mind that your body chemistry changes about every seven years, and problems you never had, especially with skin, can just pop up out of nowhere. As of last summer, I can no longer wear my lifting gloves (no matter how many times I get new ones) as I get a rash called contact dermatitis between my fingers. I've switched to grip pads, which work fine, but aren't as well padded. I also am noticing more callouses on the palms of my hands as I get older and dryer. Another problem I never worried about in my 20's. However, I can lift more and do more reps than I did in my 20's, and I guess that's a good thing that kind of makes up for the bad. I hope this helps some. Good luck and stay away from the juice. All my old pals who used to do it 10 years ago are all f***ed up.

#10749 - 03/25/05 09:15 PM Re: Removing hair for a competition
Veinlover Offline

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Loc: Chicago
I, too, would like to do something other than shave my pits, as the hair is thicker, and looks a bit "beard like" after shaving. Other body hair when shaved looks like nothing ever was there. It seems laser has pretty well done in electrolysis in my area, as I can't find anyone who does it. Waxig and laser appear to be what remains. Waxing pits is useless, as there is a long stubble time between waxing, and I don't like pit stubble. It makes them look dirty. I got one absurd quote of $1,200 for lasering the pits, which seems absurd. I can shave the twice a day for that price. Electrolysis sounds tedious, however. You just hold your arm up as long as you can while she does one hair at a time, is that how it goes? Sounds like a good shoulder workout, if nothing else.

Pits are important to bodybuilders, as they are so visible when you flex, and you want them to be nice and smooth, free of stubble and of ingrowns. It makes you look much more professional if your pits are well groomed.

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