Ok SO I designed the resource list to be a useful list of learning resources. One of my "goals" in creating that thread was to keep the "chit-chat" in that thread toa minimum, Where people could post links to either threads here on Hairtell, or stuff they have found other places on the net that are purely educational in nature.
Inevitably, not everyone agrees on every link! This is pretty normal. But I created this thread, for the "discussion " parts that seem to come out anyway.Because I didnt want to pollute the Resource thread, with stuff that, well, isnt reasources! I think the discussion and opinin is mportant, but not at the cost of the purpose of the list itself. The reason I created that thread was I found it took HOURS of reading through rndom opinions, to find that one really useful thread to someone who is learning.

So to Dee, thank you that was very thoughtful to suggest the list be made a sticky.

To Michael: I think you misunderstand the purpose of that link being included in this list.. The Galvanic VS thermolysis aspect was discussed ( and disgusted) ad naseum in the question about thermolysis thread. People took it personally. It is without a doubt that Galvanic can be performed just as badly as the worst of the worst flash thermolysis treatments. Susan Laird put alot of time and effort into putting that page together though for a purpose. Her particular specialty, seems to be less electrolysis,and more corrective proceedures to remove crap left behind by other, shall we say less than successful proceedures, and even she stated clearly, that in many cases there isnt a darned thing she can do.She spends far more time discussing spending an hour or more to remove a single piece of debris fromthe skin, than she ever does removing hair!

Last week I used too much Galvanic on mychin, I'm still not sure if it was the timing or intensity. Does that meanGalvanic is BAD? Ummm no! It means I was a dumbass and screwed up and used too much galvanic for too long. And that's the point that I get from her page , because she's an equal opportunity butcher and takes on laser and thermoluysis, We CAN and will screw up. If we do so badly enough , no matter the modulation, the pictures she shows can be a reality. That's the part that's worth recognizing nd learning, is the effect it can have when we screw up, because , more often than not the best of the best cant fix it. Mrs Laird does an excellent job of showing us the house of horrors. So we have a healthy respect for what it is that we do and dont repeat the mistakes.To the person who said tht link is SCARY YES! And It's supposed to be!!!!