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#111584 - 01/06/14 02:03 PM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: Helen1983]
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Nope you arent doing anything wrong.


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#120042 - 11/26/15 06:04 AM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: Tina Marie]
wirelesselec Offline

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I am not fully through my treatment yet but I would say I am ninety percent.

I was so worried before starting my treatment. I had pronounced hairs on my neck and stomach - and some smaller long dark hairs around them. This then lead to hairs around my sideburn area and jawline. I tried to keep up with plucking the hairs but inevitably a lot of the time I was walking around with them on show because I couldn't keep up.

My turning point was when a dark thick hair appeared more centrally on my cheek. The other hairs i could cover up more or less with my long hair, or a rollneck top... but this was when I knew I wanted something done.

I wish I had been to electrolysis as soon as the growth started (would have been much cheaper!) because the fact I have been plucking makes the process longer. On areas like the stomach where I didn't pluck treatment has been effective more quickly.

My first session I felt so 'weird' going, didn't tell anyone (still not very open about it), but I am really pleased with the results. For my neck area I still need maybe 5 mins a month but hoping it will all be gone soon.

It seems strange because I can hardly remember how bad I felt about it before - plucking at the mirror for so long.

One negative side effect is that when I first went I just wanted these really obvious ones on my face done.I knew I had other hair I was unhappy with, but it was this that was really causing me problems. However, since the treatment has started I can't help feeling 'maybe I could get this area done.. or this'. It's hard to know where to stop...I have a few hairs on my toes for example which didn't bother me before but I feel like I'm in a spiral of over analysing any hair on my body now!

#120049 - 11/28/15 12:34 PM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: Tina Marie]
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Wirelesselec-I've loss count of how many people start treatments on one area, and then get excited and start electrolysis on something else. I see this often on the face. It starts off on an upper lip....oh and then they see a bit of hair on their cheeks...oh then a bit of hair on their neck etc. Electrolysis is fun :-) it produces amazing results.
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#125055 - 11/05/17 08:02 AM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: Tina Marie]
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How long after Electrolysis session do you have to wait to go to the gym? I️ want to be able to work out.

#126188 - 04/08/18 12:05 AM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: ]
kid_a Offline

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Wow! This really gives me hope. I am honestly blown away by these results. How life changing!

Originally Posted By dfahey
Another success story, courtesy of Josefa:

Throughout my entire career, I have finished many cases of woman face, but few of them have touched my heart like this. Women 26 years of age. Victim of previous laser failure, and under-treatment by Electrolysis in her country of origin. This beautiful girl is almost over with a serious problem of hair which would have ruined her life. I'm glad I agreed to work on this girl, and it was a pleasure to meet her.
Before:(December 2012)

After 3 clearances (Last clearing in early March 2013)

I'm glad I had a Laurier IBP to make this work. Everything was easier.

#126192 - 04/08/18 10:45 AM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: Tina Marie]
Deedra Offline

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It is life changing. You would be surprised how quickly this can be tamed, but you still need clearances and 12-18 months to do so. Doesn't matter if one uses thermolysis, blend or straight galvanic, all these modlaities provide the energy needed to disable hair follicles. This is an area that is probably the most requested for females.
Dee Fahey RN CT LLC

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#126225 - 04/13/18 08:26 PM Re: ELECTROLYSIS SUCCESS STORIES! Add yours here. [Re: Tina Marie]
Pkanji Offline

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I have just seen this. I’m considering having electrolysis done on my breasts and lower back/ buttocks. I had laser in these areas but the hair is getting to me. I’d like this on my upper arms and part of my stomach too.

Would this take a while like say - 4 years.. ?

Thank you smile

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