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#114080 - 06/13/14 05:34 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: ]
SIGMA Offline
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Dee, they might be nuns with guns, but maybe not the Vatican Women's Rifle Team....still a great photo, thanks for sharing!

......Lynda Gutierrez • 13 weeks ago

Hoax. There was no such Vatican Rifle Team. This photo is from the summer of 1957 in Kingston, MA at the Sisters of Divine Providence summer camp, Mishannock.

S.r. DiMarco • 13 weeks ago

How sad!

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#114081 - 06/13/14 05:39 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: SIGMA]
Deedra Offline

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Loc: United States
Yes, the person who sent this to me said it was a hoax. Good job, for investigating that SIGMA!

I loved the nuns of my day. They were truly angels on earth!
Dee Fahey RN CT LLC

Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis and the State Nursing Board of Ohio

#114090 - 06/15/14 06:19 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: Michael Bono]
SeanaTG Offline
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Loc: The Great White North eh
Originally Posted By: Michael Bono
People are free to say whatever they wish and there is no “dictator” making sure that their thoughts are appropriate.

And, yeah, sure, I’m an “asshat!” But a sort of cuddly one.

Sigh. I really should leave well enough alone, but instead I'm going to step in the big pile. I dont know why I do this , but whatever.

Since it was me that first gave reference to "asshat" I suppose I'll address it. Honestly, Michael, you hit the nail on the head with your last quoted statement , well almost. While the few moderators around here dont often interfere with what is said they have in the past, and do have the authority to do so. Just ask the monkey pee spammers.
But by hitting the nail on the head, I meant that for the most part, people are free to say what they want within reason. They are also free to express those feelings in the MANNER that they wish. It must absolutely drive you batshit to read one of my posts, since I dont always break paragraphs the way I should, and I often leave glaring spelling errors. But that is how I feel comfortable, and it's how I express myself in writing (some minor autism and dyslexia symptoms probably dont help either!) . When you read one of my posts, quite often you'll find that it's changed before you even finish reading it, I often go back and edit after posting, adding things, looking for the red underlines to see where i screwed up spelling something or other.. But guess what? It's how I express myself, how I'll always express myself, whether or not it annoys some guy half a continent away who used to be an english teacher.And Helen is right that she has every right to keep her removal journal, in whatever format she wished because SHE TOO has a right to express herself in the manner she is comfortable.

I'd like to point out one of the primary goals of hairtell. It's one of the main reasons that people post here. They are seeking the opportunity to express frustration, to talk about what is causing them problems with hair removal, concerns over skin quality or the possibility that the treatment is causing lifelong scarring. Or lack of progress. And they are willing and able to do so, so long as they dont feel like they will be overly criticised, called out ( by name) in other unrelated posts and made to feel like their experiences arent valid, or called OCD. That's contrary to what hairtell is trying to accomplish.

Michael, I have to tell you, I have the utmost respect for your level of experience. You know things that some of us can only dream of attaining knowledge of, knowledge that is commensurate with someone who has practised electrolysis for over 40 years. That experience is a valued resource here, and there have been several here who have stood up and said as much, and overlooked that on a fairly regular basis people get pissed because you've been overcritical. People who, came here for help and advice, and got overly aggresive or critical responses in return. On multiple occasions I myself have stood up for you, and said that while you do come off as more than a little rough around the edges, that your opinions ( and criticisms) are often right on the mark. Yet I called you an asshat. Why?

Because being overly critical has driven away some of the people that we try to help here at hairtell. I've watched you call out Helen by name, multiple times, both to myself in private, and publicly on these forums. I'm really not surprised then that she would eventually take serious offense to what you have said about her, or even say screw you if you dont like what I post dont read it. Or that others have left because they didnt feel they could post further, when the result is that they get called OCD by someone who likes to think of themselves as a medical professional, but has never been to medical school. While I personally think it's right on and acceptable to take on the technical aspects of electrolysis (something you do very well) I personally think it is completely unacceptable to belittle someones personality because they have very legitimate concerns about their treatment , progress, or feelings over their hair removal process. I honestly think that that does hairtell, and everyone here, a dis-service no matter how you feel about a certain individual, or how many times the same issue has been addressed and you dont feel like addressing it for the 1000000001'st time .

Honestly, I think it better that you stick to commenting on the technical aspects ( that part you do so well) but take a skip on the personal criticisms. But in the end, what you post is up to you. Just like what Helen posts, is up to her, most especially on her personal blog of hair removal progress.

Helen, I have to Echo Dee's comments about staying with the same electrologist. IT does sound as if you are making progress and the returning hair is getting less and less.And I'd like to share some experience with you.
When I started doing electrolysis, I thought the hair would never end. I did so many hours I though my eyeballs would start to bleed. Over time, I did less. There was ALWAYS hair to remove, but I had to schedule around my life, around the kids schedules, but always the hair was there. Then at some point I realized it was becoming less and less. It would take me 2 days to clear my right cheek. Then a day. Then a few hours in the afternoon. I would alternate parts of my face. I removed so much hair , there was just no accounting for all of it. I honestly think that the number of out of phase hairs is massively underestimated and reported.At the time, I honestly didnt think I was doing it right! How could I be? I was putting in easily 20-30 hours a week of electrolysis on myself alone and there was still hair.
But that "less and less" factor really started to show itself in a very short period at the end. By the time I hit 6 months, I was spending maybe 3 hours a week where I used to do 30. Then 2. Yesterday I cleared my face in under an hour , with blend ( and my self-blend is SLOW ASS!). I hadnt done any work on my upper face in a month! I reached that point around 6 months in, like it was someone was at first slowly, then very quickly, turning off the hair tap and I REALLY noticed it in a very short time period. I do far more electrolysis on others , than I do on myself these days.

When I read your journal Helen, I am looking at where you are progress wise, and thinking to myself , someone is slowly turning off the hair tap. It's going to go much faster from here on in, and Dee is absolutely right that the hard work , is done at this point.Congratulations!!! Going forward, that tap will get turned off at a much faster rate.Stick with it, you are almost there.


#114093 - 06/15/14 11:41 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: SeanaTG]
iLikeDIY Offline
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Loc: St. Louis, MO
Way to fan the fire there.
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#114096 - 06/16/14 12:30 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: iLikeDIY]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
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Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
he he he ... iLikeDIY! Funny comment!

But seriously, no problem with a little well-earned criticism. There is absolutely no “fire” on this end. Besides I already know what Seana is saying is pretty accurate (I think I already usurped all her basic points myself in an earlier post … I’m pretty good at self-flagellation.)

I almost never defend myself from criticism; instead I try to learn from it. When people criticize you, it’s because they care about you. I really believe this. Besides, I don’t think Seana was trying to be mean-spirited, I really don’t. I have come to understand her character and I like it!

Sure, I'll try harder to put less "edge" on my writing ... I can do this.

I'm not completely sure that everyone here would want me to limit myself to the subjects Seana thinks I should limit myself to (YIKES, talk about bad grammar!) I mean, I’m supposed to only talk about “technical things,” when there is so much fun stuff going on in this big crazy world?

Remember too, with a truly open forum, like this one, you never know what "you're in for!"

#114108 - 06/16/14 09:55 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: SeanaTG]

Personally, I do not feel proud of my bad writing and all my grammatical errors. And believe me, Seana, ignorance of the language is not a valid excuse to express in any way. At least not for me. If I do not participate more often it is precisely for this reason, because of the respect they inspire me poor readers.

That said I would add that some of us consider ourselves fortunate to be able to read almost every day something that Michael wants to write, whatever the chosen topic.

And finally a quick reflection, if I had an English teacher in elementary school as Michael, I would be participating here much more often.

Being an autodidact is a real disgrace in any field!

#114110 - 06/17/14 01:04 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: ]
SeanaTG Offline
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Registered: 08/13/13
Posts: 988
Loc: The Great White North eh
now you are making me run for the dictionary.
autodidact= Self taught person.

#114175 - 06/24/14 04:55 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: ]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
Mix feelings at present, I worry all the time whether things are working or not and have to fit appointments around work and family.
I have a secondary school open evening for my son on 3rd July, my 9th Wedding anniversary on 9th July a school fair to help out on 5th July private wax appointment 8th July lol along with eye brows and eye lash tint and girls night out 4th July.
Any how lots going on within those 2 weeks so I have stretched my currently electrolysis appointment so I can have it done as near as possible to these dates and not worry about hair coming though.
Well my nephews baby only went and arrived 2 weeks early along with an unexpected visit for an old friend this Sunday I went up to the bathroom and snipped what hairs I have on my chin 3 long blonde 2 brown and shaved upper lip frown
I am looking great at present zero hairs, off to visit great nephew at 7pm UK time
however I feel so stupid that I couldn't just leave them along I hope they will grow back through for this Friday or next Monday so that aim is no more temp measures only electrolysis and perm its OK with 1 or 2 but 5 I really should have left alone ready to go in. waiting for all 5 to come back through before can call her and book is frustrating on the lucky side zero hairs around nipples 4.5 weeks since last appointment.

Edited by Helen1983 (06/24/14 04:57 PM)

#114179 - 06/24/14 09:57 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
emilily Offline
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Loc: Sydney, Australia
Haha... the only thing I have done so far is just using a pair of scissors to cut thick, obvious hairs back closer to the skin. Luckily for me I don't have many hairs grow through (I had almost a month between my last appointments and only had one thick hair grow in on my upper lip and maybe 4 or 5 darkish hairs.

On my chin I haven't had any really dark hairs, just darker/thicker than the rest - maybe 5 or 10 of those?

Anyway, all up it's looking great except I still have plenty of light brown hairs - that is the thing which takes a long time. smile
5 sessions on underarms, brazilian starting 07/05/10 (GentleLASE)
4 laser sessions on tummy starting 07/05/10
70 minutes of electrolysis in 2010 (Blend)

Current (Apilus Platinum):
Chin, lip, sides: Starting 30/08/13 1420 minutes
Tummy: 1 hr 21/09, 1 hr 30/09/13, 1.5 13/01, 1.5 08/04, .5hr 26/06, 1 hr 17/11/14,.25 hr 09/03/15, .25 31/07/2015
Chest/underarm: 2 hr 12/10, 1 hr 21/10, 1.5 hours 12/12/13, 1.5hours 11/02, 1.5 08/05, .5hr 26/6, 1hr 05/08, 1hr 17/11/14, .75hr 09/03/15, .5hr 13/07/15

Most recent: 45mins 08/10/2015, 30mins 02/16, 1hr 24/06/16, 1hr 11/10/16, 45 mins 18/09/2017

#114180 - 06/25/14 10:23 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: emilily]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
Its deeply frustrating been 10 month since I started 14th August 2013, the amount of hairs coming in seems to be same on chin just thinner and paler I have a couple of sessions when they took 3 weeks then 4 weeks to come in but now they have gone back to every 2 weeks at least 1 pops up It is my most hated area. Just wish they wouldn't come up so soon and I could have longer hair free days.

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