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#115958 - 10/26/14 03:38 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: Michael Bono]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
Forgot to update that I went for an electrolyisis session earlier in the week, 8 weeks after my last session longest gap thus far. I didn't have to have anything removed from around my nipples as their wasn't anything to remove, she said this was now complete but to let her know if I need perhaps 1 or 2 sessions a year but hopefully they are gone.
I had more success in her seeing hairs on my chin this time, took my mirror and pointed out to her and got a couple of long ones from under chin these are all blonde or very pale brown now, unless I saw someone regular and stood close in a 1 to 1 conversation several times a day and therefore may take more notice at staring at my face I don't think people would notice them.
What I am focused on now is clearing my upper lip so that I get as much success as I have with the other areas.
This area is painful, the nipple and chin didn't hurt me at all but the upper lip ouch.
I am thinking of getting some numbing cream, however I do currently have split lips in corner Dr can't seem to see what is causing it but obviously she couldn't remove any around that area so just snipping those.

All in all I am please its been 14 months since I started this journey and so far I am very happy I did, I still feel I need to keep going for the chin but only for my own comfort and not hide away in the house from anyone.
When I get the same success with my upper lip I shall be over the moon.

I do reckon as Michael say's above I may always fine hairs coming in on the chin but hopefully can get as much success that I eventually only need to go in once or twice a year.

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#116316 - 11/24/14 07:57 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
Ah hair gallor this weekend and today, upper lip covered in peach fuzz with a few dark hairs scattered about.
Chin has about 8 hairs I'd like removing some are short and a couple of long they are very pale brown but annoying to me.
I guess its the upper lip that annoys me more now with out that going on I doubt most people would notice what chin hairs I have left.
Rang up electrolysis she can fit me in Thursday, can't hide out until then as I've got to take the kids to their clubs and hang around frown I am normally quite organised in getting sessions done when hubby is off to take them to such things but these pesky hairs have crept up on me being going ever 6-8 weeks and its only been 4.5 weeks they would start to come through but not at the fuzzy level I have lease this should hopefully mean I can get in a session close to xmas or between xmas and new year what ever she suggests since I'll be going out a lot in that period too.
Hate being out in public and feeling like everyone is looking at you, I'm sure they are not but some will notice.

#117004 - 01/22/15 08:35 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
Long time since I posted on here been going to electrolysis now for 16-17 months.
Went for treatment today had 10 minutes as usual
removed 3 hairs from chin they were not thick or black but brow thin and longer than the normal see through blonde hairs all women have.
I also had 1 hair removed from around nipple on left side, it was long thin don't think it would have stuck out to hubby but had colour and was long so got it zapped.
Very happy with chin and nipple area frustrating that I still get chin hairs but glad they are not thick or black any longer.

Most of the work I have now is upper lip work can't count how many hairs were removed a lot, my upper lip was bright red when I left and arrived home 20 mins after.
I have been home 1.5 hours and it looks as if nothing was done now.
This area is annoying me at present, I estimate abut 8 months work for work around 8 treatments and its just not showing any big progress at moment I push through because I know she's worked so well on my other area's.

fingers crossed I see less dark hairs coming on upper lip by next treatment.

#117427 - 02/27/15 09:35 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
17 months since I stared this Journey went to another appointment this morning.
Had a few hairs removed from chin all blonde or pale brown nothing major to worry about people noticing but still annoying to be getting them since a month apart.
Upper lip slow slow progress I can't remember when I started this but it probably around 8 months ago guessing, finally looked like less hair had come in this time however she refused to do clearance.
She doesn't like to work too much on the upper lip because she says it gets red and inflamed making it hard for her to see the roots and doesn't want to cause any problems with my upper lip.

She had cleared it right off for me twice when I admit the lip was puffed up but it was great to do zero with my lips between appointments and after a couple of hours swelling was down no longer red.
She'd maybe cleared 70% of what I wanted clearing from upper lip frown she just told me to leave it for a couple of days and either bleach or snip them until she see's me again.
Little and often is the key according to her.

No work needed around nipples.
When we started out this journey I was told it would take 2 years for me to be satisfied and perhaps only come in once a year.
I am hoping this is the case come end of August will be nice to have a clear upper lip in Summer.

She did say to me that my lip would never be clear though but I hoping she's talking about the normal clear hairs and not dark ones :S

#117428 - 02/27/15 09:38 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
It is definately a Journey that I am glad I under took. I have now joined our local gym and most week days whilst kids are at school around work I am down their in gym or in classes or swimming without issues.
I no longer have to run up to bathroom to check my nipples and pluck out hairs, I am free to be spontaneous with my husband.
I no longer clip my chin hairs or worry about people looking or seeing any chin hairs.
At present my only real issues is my upper lip which I know most women have to deal with so I'm by no meals along.
Unlike most women though I am fortunate to have found electrolysis so hopefully won't be plagued with using depilatory creams and bleaching on a weekly basis.
Electrolysis has changed my life for the better.

#118444 - 05/28/15 11:01 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
I have been once more since this post at the beginning of April and due to go again end of next week.
My nipples nothing has come back in at least 6 months, my chin no hairs are coming on the botton front or sides but I have got some underneath that I want removing they are not black they are just very long compared to the normal hairs and pale brown. No one is really going to take notice of these but I would like them gone.
My upper lip I can definitely tell this has improved but it wasn't come on no were near as much as I would have like or the progress I made in the other area's there are still dark hairs and if I left along for the whole 6-8 weeks before appointment well really it takes around 2 weeks and I have to clip them with nail scissors so its manageable by 6-8 weeks it needs removing for me to feel comfortable again.

I know this is because I have shaved my upper lip since being a teenager or used hair removal creams, where as the other issues only came on a year before seeking electrolysis and coming off the pill.

I am extremely eger to go again next week but it will be 2 years in August and I think its going to take longer to clear the upper lip but I didn't start that area until 8 months in.
I am off on Holiday early June camping and its been 2 years since I've been camping without any jeezers this time. smile

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#119178 - 08/19/15 10:38 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
I've been to 2 appointments since my last post one before my holidays. I went away had a fabulous time has lots of admirers to my husband delight lol felt all around more comfortable in my own skin and attractive last time I felt like a thrump who wanted to hide herself away and check in the mirror every morning and night I went early june and then again 5 weeks after early july.
I had both chin and lip done in June but only the lip in July

I am extremely frustrated that I can say in all the time I've had my upper lip don't she's never once cleared it.
Again she says this is to protect my skin and since she's worked so wonderfully in the other area's I go along with her recommendation.
I hate having my lip done though to have to go home and then snip or shave off the rest of the upper lip a day or 2 after treatment as wouldn't want to course any infections doing it the same day.

I am booked in for another treatment next week so if I get time will post again after this treatment.
i've got longer hairs on my chin again which I can not stand they are not ridiculously long and not dark.
Like michael posted before they are going to keep coming in which is so upsetting as when I started the journey I had hope I would get rid of them for good or at least until I got older enough to go through menopause.

They are not bad enough that I have to hide myself away any longer I've been to the gym this morning and off out now so although I hate them its a massive improvement to where we stared and around 2.5 months since my chin area was last touched.

My electrolysis is elderly so I do wonder what the hell I'm going to do when she does come to retiring lol since I'm only early 30's and she's over retirement age at present.

Edited by Helen1983 (08/19/15 10:42 AM)

#119312 - 09/12/15 09:40 PM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
dontaskdontell Offline

Registered: 05/01/14
Posts: 12
Hey Helen

Glad to hear electrolysis is working for you, too! Maybe you can start the hunt for another electrologist in case yours wants to retire soon. I need to find another electrologist because mine is always booked! She's amazing but I can't get enough appointments in.

#119660 - 10/20/15 08:26 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
3 weeks since my last appointment where I had an odd hair on the upper park of stomach above the belly buttom. I know find a dark hair growing in on my breast. I have previously only had hair remove around the nipple and this was completed in around 9 months no further hairs, so 2 years on rather upsetting.

I haven't seen black hairs in around a years so for one on the stomach then on the breast not even in area's i've had done before its very upsetting. I am considering speaking to the DR again something obviously not right. But will feel a lot better once its gone, its not really long enough to treat only just shooting through so will have to leave it a ring and then ring for removal. My upper lip and chin hair is fine nothing has come through yet in these area's so such a shame to go just for one hair, maybe in a week I will have some in the upper lip as the min treatment is 10 mins and its a 30 minute drive. I am considering trying the one in town just for a consultation and to zap the 1 hair out if no others come in next week.

#120224 - 12/17/15 08:57 AM Re: progress thus far [Re: Helen1983]
Helen1983 Offline
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Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
The mysterious hair above vanished about 2 days like it just fell out I didn't touch it laid in the bath and it has gone? very strange. Anyhow I have just been for an electrolysis appointment this is 11 weeks since my last apart from the one black hair that disappeared I've had no issues.

Of course I still get hairs particularly on my upper lip since this hasn't had as much work and their is more hair their. But the hair is not black and not noticable I don't believe anyways unless your really up close with a magnifying mirror or something would tilt my head about to take a gander lol.

I have friends staying over this weekend and of course xmas next week which is why I wanted to go, I've had hairs from under my chin upper lip and stomach removed, the hairs on my stomach have been their most of my life again are not black all in a line under my belly button, I just want to use the time up and would prefer them gone they are nothing that would alarm anyone and if I were 10 years younger I could get away with wearing a crop top lol

all in all feeling optimistic hoping to only have to go in every 3 months were pushing for me to only need to go in every 4-6 month and then we'll class in as completed really.

Happy xmas everyone. x

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