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#114017 - 06/08/14 12:46 AM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: Summercrush]
Michael Bono Offline

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I think you may be confusing Retin-A with Accutane?

"Retin-A works, that is a fact, but the risk of suicide, foetal abnormalities, liver dysfunction etc are also very real."

Sounds more like "Accutane?"

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#114018 - 06/08/14 03:44 AM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: Michael Bono]
Deedra Offline

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Yes, you are right, Mike.

They have similar generic names and can be easily confused. Retin A is a topical that you put on your skin and Accutane is a more powerful retinoid, that you take internally with a pill. Both are related to Vitamin A, but it is the Accutane that can cause the serious side effects, so one has to weigh the benefits and risks of taking Accutane.

One or two short term courses with Accutane and acne can be cured.

With the topical Retin A, it can be used long term.

I just asked a family physician that I know well if he prescribes it and he said he doesn't like to do that anymore - he leaves that to the dermatologists, but he could prescribe it as long as he registers with the company that makes it and registers the patient taking the drug, as well.
Dee Fahey RN CT LLC

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#114019 - 06/08/14 05:19 AM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: Michael Bono]
flowers136 Offline
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Hi Michael

Thanks for your email

Yes I am confused about pigmentation

Let me explain a bit more how this all started, last year after returning from holiday I noticed my upper lip was darker, I was on the pill so put it down to this and threading

I saw a derm who believed that it was from hair removal and that when I stopped removing hair the pigmentation would fade, over a long period though

I started electrolysis however I noticed a lot of prolonged swelling so I stopped, I then bleached the hair but believe this burnt my skin resulting in more darkness, so now I am going back to electrolysis to hopefully finish what I started

As many have done I read a lot of peoples experiences on the net, some who got terrible pigmentation and it is there years later, the only way to get rid of it is complete sun avoidance, this is fine in the winter but obviously not I the summer where the skin gets darker again, this is where I refer to my constant battle, if I don't avoid sun how will this pigmentation go

I'm hoping the products will help to lighten the pigmentation, whether they help shed the skin so new skin appears, I don know really how they work, I wanted to use kojic acid but then read that this has side effects even though it is suppose to be natural so I'm not sure what to use if anything, I'm not expecting quick results but you read so many reviews which state pigmentation starts to fade in weeks and even days

I won't use harsh products on my face

I would love to hear what your doctor says Michael, please please please

Edited by flowers136 (06/08/14 05:27 AM)

#114020 - 06/08/14 05:27 AM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: Summercrush]
flowers136 Offline
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Registered: 03/12/07
Posts: 71
Hi Summercrush

Thanks for your response

Do you use rh oil at night only? I've read not to use in the day because of the vit a content? I too have very dehydrated skin, especially round the mouth where I am constantly applying zinc suncream, I have been searching for a decent moisturiser for ages, currently trying vit e cream but I'm sure this has made some areas darker

What do you use in the day and what mild exfoliant do you use please?

Addressing the dehydrated skin is so key, I've used countless products that either don't moisturise enough or break me out, I'm at a loss on what to use


#114021 - 06/08/14 09:31 AM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: flowers136]
Summercrush Offline

Registered: 01/20/13
Posts: 30
Yes, of course it's the oral version of retin a I was referring to, silly me forgot to make the distinction. It's just that often people seem to want to jump from the topical to oral equivalent and that would be (as Michael in his wisdom has pointed out) accutane (or roaccutane as it's known in the uk).
I'm glad that the dermatologist only prescribing might not be limited to the uk. General physicians really cannot know (as they haven't received appropriate training or real life clinical experience) to assess whether the acne and skin damage have left scarring levels appropriate enough to warrant the risk of taking the drug.

Again, just to re-iterate, I am not against it (at all), friends of mine have used and it has unequivocally done the job. It just needs to be administered and monitored appropriately.

Side note: please don't consume large oral doses of vitamin a either in an attempt to get the same effect (some young teen did this a few years back). it eventually will have the same effect as the pro-form and isomer e.g. hepatitis etc.

Flowers, I again stupidly forgot to mention the other main product (I don't consider it skincare for some bizarre reason) was SPF. good quality, photostable, UVA included. I live in the UK and wear some everyday. It's my 'splurge' product I suppose. It will do more than anything to prevent and help damaged skin heal.
I work indoors so that helps too. i will PM you some products I use as i don't want to start sounding like an advert on here.

Edited by Summercrush (06/08/14 09:37 AM)

#114022 - 06/08/14 12:00 PM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: Summercrush]
flowers136 Offline
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Registered: 03/12/07
Posts: 71
Thanks Summercrush

I'm in the uk too, yes please let me know what products you use and ur rosehip routine

I even find rh is not moisturising enough

#114023 - 06/08/14 05:15 PM Re: Dreaded pigmentation again - confused [Re: flowers136]
fenix Offline
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Retin-A route alone would be a long process: many months to see results. I've read couple of sources from MDs describing combination of Pulsed Dye Lasers and glycolic peels for red mark PIH or Q switched ND:Yag laser treatments for brown mark PIH. My aunt had PIH on her neck and was treated in two sessions with TCA peels successfully.

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