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#114150 - 06/20/14 03:44 PM Plucked hairs now terminal-question about regrowth
SMSammy Offline

Registered: 06/12/14
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Recently this year, the hairs on my underarms have spread both UP my arm and DOWN my underarm. They aren't just in my armpits now.

This happened I'd say, maybe a month or two ago. One day, I decided to shave my armpits without looking because I was in a rush, and I guess I shaved too much and went a little up my arm, and down from my armpit (close to my breast). The hairs grew back. They weren't THAT bad. A little darker and longer, but NOT bad. It was still soft. Just dark and longer.

Well, I decided to pluck those hairs. And they grew back darker and thicker (and new hairs that were really thick showed up)

Then I decided to wax them once they grew back.

And they got thicker.

Then I tried plucking them again and they got thicker. (as well as grew in number)

I stopped plucking and waxing since then. But now I'm dealing with thick hair growing a little up my arm and down near my breast.

So it's kinda like my underarm hair is longer. Instead of having a little circle of underarm hair. I drew a picture to give you an idea of how it looks now:


It bothers me a little bit because I feel like I can't wear tank tops anymore.

Anyways, I was wondering, if I let the hair grow out and let it naturally fall out on it's own (cuz of the whole regrowth stages) will it eventually go back to how it looked before? And I'm talking about the new areas. Not my armpit, but the hair now growing up and down my arms? I just want it to go back to normal.

(I WOULD get electrolysis, just not right now as I'm only 21, in college, and trying to find a job. So SOMEDAY, I will. especially for a lot of other parts that I really wanna get done)

But yeah, I was just wondering if the hair will go back to normal. If not, then I guess I'll just have to wear long sleeved shirts until I can get them permanently removed.

Edited by SMSammy (06/20/14 04:20 PM)

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#114151 - 06/20/14 06:17 PM Re: Plucked hairs now terminal-question about regrowth [Re: SMSammy]
Helen1983 Offline
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is the hair really that low down after? I used to shave under my arms but it came back so quick and looked horrid like stubble after a day even when no hair there you can see them under. I use an epilator now and I like you worried ekk have I gone too low down i used to just shave in shower without looking but now cos I'm using pretty sharp tweezer an epilator and having electrolysis anyways makes you hair aware I sat on sofa and felt some like heck that's pretty darn close to side of my boobies check the scared face goes up to bathroom lifts arm oh its no where near it actually just seems it when my arm is down would like laser in area but hey haven't got the money for everything in one go, needs to win the lottery for my long list of to does.
anyways don't fret and go google images of madonna's recent under arm pics you'll look normal.


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