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#115134 - 09/03/14 07:59 PM waxing on Spironolactone? will hairs get thicker?
skydivingjess Offline
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(Hi, I'm sorry, I'm reposting this thread, because I had it in "waxing" before and I think "Rx" makes more sense--I'm sorry to take up space like that! A moderator can delete the other thread, if they'd like smile )

Okay, my question is pretty much as the title of this thread indicates. I (and my doctor) are pretty sure that I have idiopathic hirsutism, and I've now been on Spironolactone for 3 months. While it's still somewhat early to tell, it seems to be helping, and I'm hopeful for continued/further results, as the hair problem has always been hugely distressing for me.

I know that waxing can sometimes cause hair to become darker and coarser, particularly if it is hormone-affected hair, and over the past 6 months, I have tried very hard to stop. However, I would sometimes really like this hair gone! Does anyone here know if waxing could still cause the hair to grow darker/coarser, if my hormones are now corrected and I don't have testosterone for my follicles to be sensitive to?

Thank you so much!

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#117100 - 01/26/15 08:17 PM Re: waxing on Spironolactone? will hairs get thicker? [Re: skydivingjess]
SFelectrolysis Offline

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Hi Sky

Wanted to chime in this thread, but i see it was posted in Sept 2014. Not sure if you will see this reply, but Ill give it a go anyhow. Perhaps it will help others who are readers.

To answer your question, Yes. Topical stimulation is another you can make unwanted hair worse. The spironolactone your on is a androgen blocker. Spironolactone will help prevent some of the thin vellus hairs from turning into terminal (course) hair. When you topically stimulate the hair by waxing, threading, sugaring, or tweezing the area, the body sends more blood to the area to repair the injured area. Hair serves as protection for the skin, so naturally when you rip it out of the blood supply, its a injury to the follicle. Since the hair gets its nourishment from the blood supply, the hair removed by waxing in your case would be stimulated. The blood supply will become healthier and stronger and with time, your unwanted hair will grow deeper and courser. Plus when you wax, you remove all the hair .. the course, medium and fine hair, so you are topically stimulating the medium and finer hair which will end up turning into terminal course hairs.
Btw, Spirnolactone is not a cure. It is just a inhibitor. When you stop taking the medication, the hairs will continue to accelerate in growth.

Hope you get this message. smile

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#117319 - 02/15/15 10:29 AM Re: waxing on Spironolactone? will hairs get thicker? [Re: SFelectrolysis]
miriamR Offline

Registered: 01/18/15
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I also take spironolactone for the few chin hairs I do have. I don't have much facial hair. I can also say by taking spironolactone my few chin hair has been gone of course in conjunction with laser. The only thing I'm stressed out about is the fact people is always rubbing their chin around me men and woman. This has greatly affected my quality of life in a horrific ways! I am always the topic of my facial hair in everybody life, because of this. And its crazy because I don't shave or nothing! Spironolac


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