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#115182 - 09/06/14 06:06 AM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: electro_client]
shreya Offline
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Err type it up? Screenshot?

I'm actually really curious now haha.
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#115184 - 09/06/14 06:20 AM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: shreya]
electro_client Offline

Registered: 08/08/14
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I'm trying to get someone to post it on my behalf...

#115186 - 09/06/14 11:30 AM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: electro_client]

I do not know who you are, electro_client, but if I can do something for you? if the system does not allow you to write, maybe one of us can do it for you?

#115187 - 09/06/14 12:26 PM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: ]
wander Offline

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It should be showing up. Seems fishy that it's not.

#115188 - 09/06/14 01:13 PM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: wander]
stoppit&tidyup Offline
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There's nothing fishy. The board has been having some issues since an upgrade (I believe) and if you copy/paste anything it doesn't show up even if it doesn't have formatting. I had this issue yesterday and I had to type out all the text including the link I wanted to include.
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#115191 - 09/06/14 07:18 PM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: stoppit&tidyup]
SeanaTG Offline
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Stoppit has hit the issue on the head.

I dont ever paste anything in here other than a URL , which is why I havent experienced this particular flaw in the new server. But it seems you arent able to do so. This has been the case since an upgrade a few weeks back.

You can as others have suggested, just type the post into the box and hit submit.


#115193 - 09/06/14 10:42 PM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: SeanaTG]
Deedra Offline

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I have notified Andrea.
Dee Fahey RN CT LLC

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#115198 - 09/07/14 02:52 AM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: ]
electro_client Offline

Registered: 08/08/14
Posts: 14
For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. This was especially true of James W. Walker VII, who is the moderator of Hairtell. Walker is "Hairtell itself!" My reasons for posting the following is to describe how terribly wronged I have been by this unscrupulous person. Clients beware and NEVER give your money up-front. I have learned a terrible lesson.

Below is a copy of my complaint filed with the New York Attorney General as well as a link to photos taken of his establishment.

I am a young woman from Germany. I entered an agreement with James Walker of Buffalo, New York, to receive electrolysis treatments. I pre-paid for my treatments and for a guest room he provides. The conditions of his establishment are appalling. Because of these hazardous conditions, I terminated my schedule with him.
Although I am now "out" $6,000, my primary goal in filing with the State of New York is to have some authority look into this establishment. The conditions I will be explaining are a significant threat to the Health & Safety of the public.

The AMA (American Medical Association) classifies ELECTROLYSIS as an electro-surgical procedure to remove (human) hair permanently. The procedure involves inserting a sterile needle into each hair follicle (skin's full-depth). An electric current is applied, via the needle, and blood vessels and stem cells in the skin and follicle are destroyed.
Understanding the potential risks of serious infection (e.g., hepatitis and HIV), the American Electrology Association worked with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to establish Rules and Regulations for electrolysis procedures. These Rules have become standard and enforceable in the profession.
My claim is centered on the extremely filthy conditions I encountered at the following electrolysis business, and my legitimate concerns about contracting an illness as a result.

I contacted James W. Walker VII, though the internet site, We agreed on my arrival time from Germany to Buffalo, NY, for electrolysis treatments for a period of two weeks. Walker has a "guest room" at his office that he rents to patients, and I agreed to stay in this room.
Per his requirements, I pre-paid him the sum of $8400 for treatment (84 hours), and $560 for staying in his guest room (Total: $8960.) I completed 25 hours of treatment.

Arriving at Walker's establishment, I was horrified to see the conditions. He showed me to my room, and it was a disaster. The sheets on the unmade bed had been slept in and the room smelled of human odor and mold. There was so much clutter in the room that it's a firetrap. I did not see any smoke detectors or fire extinguishers. There were electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, holes in the walls and mold on the walls.
The bathroom was horrendous. The toilet had not been flushed or cleaned. There was black mold on the walls. The scummy tub contained old used dried-out towels. Soiled towels were all over the filthy bathroom floor.
I did not stay there and went, instead, to a hotel.
I was very upset, but since I had already paid for my treatments, I decided to try to overlook the mess and start treatment. I eventually could not tolerate the conditions and walked away from having any further treatments. (There were other issues with Walker, but the extreme filth is my primary complaint.)
I later discovered that electrologists are required to sterilize their instruments such as forceps (tweezers). There was no sterilization mechanism to be seen. The forceps he used on me were left out on the dirty bathroom sink and used on me every day (see photo). One time, he dropped the forceps on the dirty floor, picked it up and continued working on me.
Electrologists are required to place fresh cloth or paper towels on the treatment table for each client. The sheets that Walker used were badly soiled and had definitely been used with other clients (the smell and stains). He never changed the coverings!
Wearing latex gloves is standard in the practice. Indeed, Walker wore gloves, but he wore the same pair all day long. He would drive his car with these gloves, return to the office and start working on me without changing these gloves (even after using the toilet or taking his many breaks).
Whether or not the State becomes involved in my individual case, I hope that an appropriate agency will look into the DANGEROUS conditions of this establishment, for the Health & Safety of the public. I am not familiar with American laws, but such a filthy MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT would not be legal in Germany.
Please look at my photos and the attached descriptions. These photos were taken surreptitiously because there are "security cameras" located (and hidden) throughout the establishment. I was very uncomfortable because I had no idea when and where I was being video taped.

Thank you for reading my text.

#115200 - 09/07/14 07:06 AM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: electro_client]
Laurier Offline
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I retract my previous statement. Belay my last.
Makers of the Laurier Insulated Bulbous Probe.

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#115202 - 09/07/14 10:40 AM Re: Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: Laurier]
electro_client Offline

Registered: 08/08/14
Posts: 14
I just realized I made a small mistake. I meant to highlight the name in red color but during the converting process that somehow got lost. I cannot edit the post so please excuse that.

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