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#117551 - 03/09/15 10:37 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: EmancipatedElect]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 3515
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
How could anyone possible be "against education?" Well, I am!

As far as "education," I consider myself an anarchist. Those formulating/promoting "education" always (I mean ALWAYS) steer their curriculum into their own belief system and what "they know!" I have a lot to say on this subject; but at the moment ... let me criticize myself!

After all my years in this profession and doing a ton of things, I have only one regret: writing my book called "The Blend Method!" I wish I had never written it. Think about this a moment:

Let's say you want to learn a new language. You take lessons and you learn the GRAMMAR. You learn what verbs and nouns are, word-order ... the whole mess. However, once you know the language, do you still "do the grammar?" Of course not ... because you know the language. You just talk!

(Actually, language experts that construct "grammar" did not invent the language AT ALL. Instead, grammar is constructed to explain how people already speak the language! The language came first ... the grammar came AFTERWARD!

About a year ago Jane Leahy (Prestige) wrote a piece that stunned me. She said, "Can you imagine that we used to computed units of lye, and count seconds with each hair ... and so forth!" she was, of course, reciting "MY blend grammar." Her article made me physically ill. It was the most damaging thing I had ever read. WHY?

The problem with "the written word" is that the WORD becomes the TRUTH! And, it's NOT! The "grammar" in my book is not LAW ... it was Hinkel's attempt to describe what "blenders" were already doing! The technique came first .... THEN the grammar; but only as a guide!

When I do blend, I do NOT compute units of lye. I do NOT count seconds. And, frankly, I don't use "the blend" anywhere near what I outline in my book. Why? Because my book was just GRAMMAR! Once an electrologist gets a "feel" for the work, she just "speaks the language." She invents her own "way."

And, that's the innate flaw of so-called "education."

Educators wrap themselves up into the written word! They impose these writings on others ... but the specific writings are ALWAYS "what they think is the truth." As education advances, information becomes ever more selective, official, limited and controlled.

Indeed, many officials in the AEA "talk a good talk" about "education." However, I have seen them viciously (albeit covertly) "condemn" and scoff at others that dare challenge own beliefs or understanding. (And, for example, Josefa has been the brunt of this condemnation for a very long time.)

Those promoting "education" usually become "protectors of the truth." Real learning is messy, uncontrolled ... and, with no "official" restraints.

(I don't expect more than a few of you to appreciate the above. And yes, as far as "education" ... I'm an anarchist.)

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#117552 - 03/09/15 10:39 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 3515
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Specific to "Emancipated's" statement: Departments of education are ALWAYS protectionist!

#117553 - 03/09/15 11:33 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 3515
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Here's another "quote" to think about (mine):

The greatest tyrants of all time call themselves "educators."

#117559 - 03/10/15 01:20 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]
Deedra Offline

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Registered: 08/02/18
Posts: 9726
Loc: United States
I'm with you, Michael on those quotes.

I do want to recognize Barbara as a steadfast, unpaid worker for the the electrolysis profession as a whole. She has put her heart and soul into the AEA in the past and frankly, her efforts to educate us is unsurpassed by ANYONE and I mean ANYONE! I never thought you were given enough recognition as one of the quality leaders in the AEA and I want to publicly thank you once again for all that you have done inside the AEA and for all you do to make our closed blog, outside of the AEA blog, a quality place for new and "old" electrologists to hang out.

I do think these discussions are important as everyone offers useful feedback to make the AEA a better organization. It would be so helpful if open minds would take the feedback with the intended good involved. If Michael didn't care about the viability of the AEA, he would just go surfing with his buddies.

Personally speaking, I'm still doing fine not being an AEA member. I get quality continuing education and the subject matter is more interesting and relevant to what I do. We have a great networking thing going on at our blogs - HairShoot, AEE and Electrology International and there is no sniping (for the most part :/).

October of 2013 did me in with the AEA attitude. My advice would be if you want to clean up the list in the future, think a little harder on how to go about this without P..... off the whole continent of Europe.

Now, it's time to sing, dance and laugh!

Dee Fahey RN CT LLC

Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis and the State Nursing Board of Ohio

#117561 - 03/10/15 05:43 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]

Originally Posted By: Michael Bono
I ordered and I'm now reviewing a book called "Electrolysis Exam Secrets" a study guide and test review for the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) exam (Mometrix, Inc.).

I have only looked at the thing here and there. However, there are horrible errors in nearly every paragraph! Honestly were a person to buy this thing; they would probably do WORSE on the CPE exam.

Clearly the person that put this together knows zero about our field. They have gotten hold of a couple (out dated) books and misinterpreted the out-dated material.

Here are three statements in only three paragraphs:

1) High frequencies should not be used on the facial area. (Page 74)

2) " [with the blend, DC] can cause tissue fragments back upwards resulting in skin lesions, trapping of gasses in the follicle ... where galvanic is performed first." (Page 75 ... no sense to this statement at all")

3) Pre-shaving ... is the desired effect since it is impossible to prevent re-growth during the resting telogen stage. (Page 75)

They talk about "rheostats" controlling the HF. I don't think rheostats have been used since the 1980s?

THIS BOOK SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING! If the association wants me to, I will write a critique of this silly twaddle. WARNING ... this book will screw you up and is of no value whatsoever.

Go, Michael, do it. Not as a favor to the present, past and future leaders (whom these serious errors seems not to matter at all), but for electrologists who are interested in overcoming this exam, and especially for potential customers who will choose a electrologist based on the possession of these valuable 3 letters, CPE."

#117565 - 03/10/15 09:40 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: ]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 3515
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Ah ... my two ladies!

About my "caring about the profession?" It's probably because I don't know anything else. At this point, I'm basically "screwed!" Years ago, when I told my parents what I planned to do for an occupation ... my mother burst into tears! Not figuratively, she really did! I suppose she was hoping I'd pick a "higher ranking profession?" (Mom was right!)

Dee brings up a point. See, on an individual level there is probably not one person in the AEA bureaucracy that is not a super-wonderful, dedicated, lovely, fun, hard-working ... well, you get the idea. So, what is it then?

It's the structure of (nearly all) corporate organizations that creates "group think" and the toxic nature of the group. Individuals in the group? ... MAGNIFICENT! Put them together as a ruling class? ... dictatorial WITCHES!

Look, we would probably find every member of the US congress absolutely intelligent and charming ... and everybody in the executive and judicial branches too. However, its very structure renders the government lethal.

Furthermore, we are geo-politically designed for continued Democratic presidents and Republican congresses (especially the House). There is nothing in our foreseeable future but government instability and inaction: "gridlock." It's all about the structure. (BTW, Dee, seeing Sara Palin always makes me laugh ... but, probably not for the reasons you think!)

One structural change that could improve the AEA would be this: After the election of a new president, the entire "ruling committee" resigns. All new fresh blood comes in, with an agenda free of people that have established themselves as "know-it-alls" (in their own minds).

If you are a leader of an organization long enough, you feel like you own it! Remember: EVERYBODY can be replaced! You know "TERM LIMITS?"

For the old-timer ruling-elite AEA leaders that think, "How can the group survive without ME?" Well, trust me, it CAN. And, YOU are the problem! Yeah, you!

Thank you for all your work and tireless dedication; we love you ... here's your "Oscar" ... let me "kiss your ass" one more time ... now, "get lost!"

But then, my opinions are as worthless as a pile of "merda." And, I know it! Nothing has changed, or will change, in the AEA ... "not never, not no-how!" It's institutionalized. (Don't believe me? Read Thomas Jefferson!)

#117567 - 03/10/15 10:48 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 3515
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Let me add another "shocking" anecdote to my missive.

Years ago, I spent at least 3-months copying 100% of ALL AEA documents. I put all this on a couple external drives: perfectly organized in "full-German order." My scanner and keyboard was working 5 - 6 hours per day.

I printed out all the materials ... everything ... and assembled all of it in a BIG binder (about 6-inches thick.) Now all AEA stuff was on computer! With each document, I included a full explanation as to how to use each documents ... everything. I even listed the type of paper to use, with samples, and the addresses of all suppliers.

(And, yes, I did this for free ... of course.)

I did this so that ANY NEW in-coming president (or anybody) could immediately figure things out ... easily, and get right to work. I mean, she could get an inquiry from a State about any issue and answer it immediately. It was all there: re-written (in proper English) ... all of it. But what happened?

There was a "toxic take-over" of sorts in the leadership. The outgoing "Ruler" (who had all my materials) despised the in-coming president. AND .... my entire work went missing. I mean the binder was gone, my hard-drives were (probably) destroyed and my months of work went straight to hell! I asked "former leader" what happened and she only said, "I'M not about to help HER!!!!"

So, let me put this in very blunt terms (like my Italian dad would say), "This kind of crap should not happen!" When leadership thinks they are "all that" and they become a dictator, they need to "get lost" ASAP!

#117579 - 03/10/15 03:34 PM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]
Emendia Offline

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 25
Michael, you wrote: "After all my years in this profession and doing a ton of things, I have only one regret: writing my book called "The Blend Method!"

That is hysterical! And like your anecdotes I am coming to appreciate statements like that as a "classic Michael Bono response!" I love it.

This did remind me of something I read in John Maxwell's 21 Laws of Leadership some time ago. If you replace the word "leader" with "decent electrologist," I think you get a fairly good representation of what you're describing. As a student I am squarely between phase one and two below, which makes me a sponge - which is not a bad place to be!

Here is a summary of Maxwell's points on Leadership (i.e., "becoming a decent electrologist"):

Successful leaders are life-long learners who apply self-discipline and perseverance. They get a little better each day.

The leadership growth process proceeds in five phases:

In the first phase, you don't know what you don't know.
You are not even aware that you could become a leader [decent electrologist.]

In the second phase, you know that you need to know.
You realize that you need to learn to lead. [and so you buy Michael's book on The Blend, among others.]

In the third phase, you know what you don't know. As you discover the gaps in your knowledge about leadership, you understand what you need to learn.

In the fourth phase, you know and grow, and it starts to show.
When you begin the daily discipline of personal growth, exciting things start to happen. [I hope to get here some day <sigh>]

In the fifth phase, you simply go because of what you know.
The ability to lead becomes automatic, and you develop great instincts that help you to lead effectively. [I think this is what you were talking about Michael, you simply "go with what you know." The grammar be damned.]

Anyway, as a student I want to know it all - blend, thermolysis, and even galvanic. This forum and the one's on Facebook have been a remarkable source of knowledge. Thanks to all you pro's.

And it's also strangely comforting to know that I am learning a trade that is populated by the same gaggle of miscreants and thugs as the one I come from - the medical field! smile

#117580 - 03/10/15 09:57 PM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Emendia]
Michael Bono Offline

Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 3515
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
I reserve the harshest criticism for myself. And, actually when I look at some of my "writing" I could just throw up! I think I'm going to write a follow-up chapter in that book that basically says: "Don't believe anything you just read!" (Would that work?)

I hope nobody in any "official position" is taking this personally? That's never my goal ... but actually, I don't particularly care either.

Nicely, I'm now an old GEEZER and I don't care what people think about me. I used to, but I learned that people will think whatever they want about you and, mostly, it has nothing to do with your trying to be polite, kind or politically correct.

I mean ... damn ... look what they did to Jesus!

So, my only suggestion to the new "Turks" (like you) is to not be afraid of asking question, ruffling feathers, being controversial and kicking some butt now and then. You are young and you are supposed to be a troublemaker! So, make trouble!

Just get to it ... I promise you, you will feel GREAT and remember: "Don't take NOTHING FROM NOBODY!"

And your take on the above is perfect ... 100%!

#117581 - 03/11/15 10:23 AM Re: Electrolysis Exam Secrets ... warning! [Re: Michael Bono]

I do not think Helen Bono's tears were because of the status of the profession, she knew well the potential of her son, and although the profession has never enjoyed a deserved social recognition, she knew you would everything possible so that the whole profession could scale positions in the ranking. The reason for her sadness probably was because you were going to enter a world composed predominantly of women. Something like entering a cave full of snakes, where most are harmless and peaceful, while others can not wait to inoculate its deadly poison.

Yes, I agree with your mother. You picked the wrong profession, you should have been a 'snake charmer'!!.

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