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#117499 - 03/04/15 02:16 PM Brazilian/legs electrolysis..Help me do the math!
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Hello all,

I have been going back and forth a lot trying to decide between doing electrolysis or laser on the extended bikini/perianal area and/or legs. One day Im convinced I should do one modality, and the next I feel I shouldnt even consider it and go the other route.

My concerns for the brazilian areas are 1) that my electrologist wont feel comfortable doing this (which would make me feel awkward and embarrassed too if she doesnt want to do it) and 2) the time that will be spent in this private area. For legs, I dont think either one of us would be embarrassed, but I dont know if she is skilled in large bodywork areas as it is a true big project to do. AS far as laser goes, I know that speed of treatment of a large area is probably the biggest pro. However, there are so many mixed reviews and modalities and joules and milliseconds and whatnot to research! And with the investment, I would want true clearance and not just reduction if Im going to be paying that much.

So Im hoping maybe doing a cost comparison can help me decide.

I called up a laser place that has an alexandrite laser (if I did my research correctly, this is most effective for me-light skin, dark hair) and the cost of doing a brazilian was this:
225$ for the first four treatments, then 175 for the next three treatments. If we do 6 sessions, which I believe is average, this would be $1250.

My current electrologist charges $70/hour. So if I spent 1250$ instead of laser treatment, that would equal 17 hours of electrolysis treatment.

Laser for legs with this place (6 sessions) would cost 2500$, which would be 35 hours of electrolysis.

Has anyone had experience with these areas? Did 17 hours more or less clear you, or did you need significantly more time for brazilian areas? How about 35 hours for legs? Are my concerns for doing such a private area not that big of a deal for most electrologists? I realize people differ but getting a variety of answers might help. All the hair has only been shaven, never waxed or tweezed.

Smaller pros/cons are that the electrologist is within walking distance to me. The laser place is an hour and a half away. There are closer laser places to me, but they do not have good reviews or the right type of laser for me from what Ive read off the FAQ list.

Any advice or guidance would be useful.

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#117500 - 03/04/15 07:06 PM Re: Brazilian/legs electrolysis..Help me do the math! [Re: CNC]
ozzy Offline
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I'll chime in! That's a lot of area to do with electrolysis. I don't know your skin or hair color but I think that I would do a full series of laser and then go to electrolysis for clean up. There will be clean up.
As for the brazilian area, anyone that is in this business has seen this area and should have no problem with it. If they do, you don't want to go there. They go where the hair is!
Do research! Use the internet! yelp, yellow pages, etc. google it they're out there.

#117502 - 03/04/15 07:51 PM Re: Brazilian/legs electrolysis..Help me do the math! [Re: CNC]

I would ask for a test with both systems, then wait several weeks to see results. That done, you can take a decision based on objective evidence and not on promises. Good luck!


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