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#118875 - 07/11/15 10:25 AM Re: "Aftermath" of electrolysis [Re: LDLD]
Iluv2zap Offline
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Originally Posted By LDLD

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread.

I have one bump like the ones Dee posted. I'm also of Indian descent, which is why I'm curious as to whether the client recovered.

Did her bumps go away with time? This bump stands out because my skin is smooth. It looks like a tiny hypertrophic scar almost..

I'm currently @week 6 post-treatment.

Thanks for the memory lane LDLD!

One thing you will notice about Dee's picture is that there is several such bumps, not just one. This is to be expected, if you repeat the same process on different parts of the skin, all things being equal, you can expect the same reaction, does that sound about right? So, why would you get just ONE bump, and all the other insertions dont show such a manifestation? What's different about that PARTICULAR follicle that is not happening anywhere else?

I'm reminded of 3-4 years ago when I did laser for the very first time. I got several eruptions on the skin , red splotches that lasted for weeks, but ONE in particular became inflamed and resulted in such a small skin mark. It was exactly the same color as the surrounding skin, or was until I played with it because I was bothered by the ONE grey hair growing on that cheek right in the middle of it . I hadnt noticed it at all before laser.

Well it's roughly 4 years later and I still have that small bump in exactly the same place. It's darkened somewhat since that time but has not gone away. It also, has not changed in size,and has maintained exactly the same shape. This is a good thing. So, what is it?

It's a mole. I hadnt noticed it prior because the colour was the same as the surrounding skin ( and there was all that hair in the way), but years later, I can definitively tell you that that is what it is. Not "scarring " of any kind, just a previously un-noticed skin abnormality.

I suspect your "one bump" might be the same thing, though, as always pictures could tell several of the wound experts here a whole lot more.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

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#118886 - 07/11/15 03:35 PM Re: "Aftermath" of electrolysis [Re: Michael Bono]
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Hi Seana,

Thanks for the message.

I'm sure I've made the mistake of thinking electrolysis has created something that was - in reality - already present (but covered by hairs).

However, the bump I have is only surrounded by 2 hairs. I'm certain it was not there before treatment because I would have obsessed about it lol.

My electrologist has some pictures of this area I think. I think what has happened is that either it's an ingrown hair or there's been some 'over-healing' and that's caused excess skin or something..

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#119095 - 07/31/15 08:12 AM Re: "Aftermath" of electrolysis [Re: Michael Bono]
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so its been 3 weeks. the bump blends in with the rest of my skin, but its still a bump.

it doesnt look like keloid tissue or anything. im guessing the electrolysis caused a tiny bit of overhealing though and its like a hypertrophic scar almost

its noticeably harder than the surrounding skin too which is so odd

#119096 - 07/31/15 11:52 AM Re: "Aftermath" of electrolysis [Re: Michael Bono]
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Download my free piece called "the Wound Module" and look at the part about wound collagen. (My website, under "Books.")

#119108 - 08/01/15 05:25 PM Re: "Aftermath" of electrolysis [Re: Michael Bono]
LDLD Offline
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Thanks Michael, I'll take a look.

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