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#119590 - 10/12/15 09:56 PM LEGS and Electrolysis
FlowersandCake Offline

Registered: 10/11/15
Posts: 16
Loc: Texas
I am a new to electrolysis, I will be getting my first leg session on October 24th, I got a 15 min one of my abdomen to test the pain, etc. I want to make my legs my priority though; please, anyone who has had any electrolysis on their legs I would like to know how many hours you have paid for, for how long, and the results thus far. My electrolysis would only do 1 1/2 hours at a time but I can only afford an hour every Saturday. I know that it is different results for different people but I just want to have a slight idea; I feel I need to aim for something. I have very thick... (extremely thick) body hair. My electrolysis would not give me any idea of when I can start seeing results, my guess is that after 6 months I can have my first clearing on both my legs, upper and lower, am I too far off? Please give me your insight.
Finally I got the courage to get electrolysis!

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#119600 - 10/13/15 09:14 AM Re: LEGS and Electrolysis [Re: FlowersandCake]
MichaelS Offline

Registered: 10/09/15
Posts: 15
Loc: States
Prices for electrolysis are between $70 - $150 per hour.
The best thing would be to buy plenty of hours and do a clearance as fast as you can. You could still go back if there is new growth. But since you can't afford that I think you're not too far off if you want to continue with a session every saturday.
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#119673 - 10/20/15 07:24 PM Re: LEGS and Electrolysis [Re: MichaelS]
FlowersandCake Offline

Registered: 10/11/15
Posts: 16
Loc: Texas
Will do, thank you!
Finally I got the courage to get electrolysis!

#119677 - 10/22/15 12:30 PM Re: LEGS and Electrolysis [Re: FlowersandCake]
Helen1983 Offline
Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 08/28/13
Posts: 303
I personally wouldn't bother with electrolysis for leg hair until you had to.
I may be shut down by this comment because there are a lot of pro electrolysis on this site and practitioners. I am pro electrolysis its helped me tones its fab for smaller area's facial abdomen belly around nipples peri anal if they can stomach it lol.
For large area's like legs you've going to spend a fortune and only have a tiny area cleared at a time and you'll be going for a long time unless you are spreading it months apart.
Personally for the legs I would find a quality laser clinic have 6-8 treatment and then look to electrolysis to finish off any reminding hairs, this should make the process much quicker. I would also do the same for bikini and plan to although I have had great sucess with electrolysis and wouldn't dream of having laser in any other area's than legs under arms and bikini.
It should also save you money if your paying 150 dollars per session for electrolysis you'll pay that for laser and treat a much bigger area.

#119678 - 10/22/15 03:27 PM Re: LEGS and Electrolysis [Re: FlowersandCake]
sandrine Offline

Registered: 10/16/15
Posts: 1
what is the best electrolysis or laser

#119679 - 10/22/15 05:39 PM Re: LEGS and Electrolysis [Re: FlowersandCake]
EmancipatedElect Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 07/21/14
Posts: 150
Laser is for "permanent reduction," which is a bit of a slippery term. Generally, on body hair, if you are looking to have less hair and you aren't concerned about getting all of the hair, laser is ok, though there are a stack of caveats that go with that (skin color, hair color, laser type, etc).

Keep in mind that I have had clients looking for just body hair reduction from laser that got stimulated hair growth instead, ending up with more hair than they had before they had laser done. In that case, you're going to spend thousands on laser, only to end up paying for more electrolysis than you would have had to do had you not done the laser. I'm not the only electrologist that can tell you that story, pretty much all of us can.

If you want permanent removal, to be completely hairless, laser will simply never do that for you and only electrolysis can.

What's right for you comes down to your goals and the practical limitations of laser.
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