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#119698 - 10/27/15 01:21 PM Laser/IPL Clinics
bry Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 9
Hi all,

I've started going to a few clinics (Winnipeg, MB,CA) to get test areas done. One thing I'm finding is, most of them are using IPL and not lasers.

I tried to find information on the forums about some of these IPLs that they use, but can't find anything on these brands.

My skin is Type II, and I'm Caucasian with course darker hair on chest & abdomen.

The IPL I tried was the Syneron eLight. The tech had it on the max settings, as I barely felt much pain at all. I'm used of sugaring & epilators so the pain with IPL was way less.

Does anyone know any information on these IPLs?

Besides the Syneron eLight, another clinic uses the Corporam Medicam. There's also another clinic that uses the Syneron eLight here.

I've also contacted another place, but they haven't gave specific information on what laser they use, as they want to provide a consultation first. It sounds like they do use lasers, and say they have 13 different ones.

Some of the clinics I was looking at, had groupon deals. Does anyone have experience with using groupon?

Being a Caucasian with type II skin and dark hair, is IPL right for me to use? Or would certain lasers would better? Can IPL provide permanent results like laser?

Thanks for the help.

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#119709 - 10/27/15 11:31 PM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
bry Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 9
No one can help out? I mainly need to know if IPL is worth investing in or not. It seems mostly everyone here uses laser?

#119710 - 10/28/15 08:41 AM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
Iluv2zap Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 11/19/14
Posts: 1529
You'll need to be a little more patient bry there is a shortage of laser "experts" on this board and it may take a few days for someone to get back to you.That said , you'll find by reading the laser/IPL faq's already present and stickied, that no form of IPL is recommended, and account after account indicate that IPL does work at all.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

#119711 - 10/28/15 11:29 AM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
bry Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 9
Hey, I'm assuming you ment doesn't work at all? How are these clinics/spas able to keep making money? You'd assume word would get around with bad reviews, etc?

#119894 - 11/07/15 01:30 PM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
joben Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 11/17/14
Posts: 91
I, like you, am also white with type 2 skin and although I've never been treated with IPL, and therefore cannot attest to its effectiveness, I would NOT be treated with it. Only a true laser for me and preferably either a Candela or Cynosure Alex laser.

How do they stay in business? Because I'd guess that most consumers are clueless/naive. I educated myself b/c I read a lot of rip-off reports before I ever had my first session.

#119895 - 11/07/15 03:17 PM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
bry Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 9
I'm actually experiencing the shedding from the IPL sample treatment. Done with the Syneron eLight. The area is smoother.

Does this usually mean it will lead to permanent results?

I went to another clinic that has the LightSheer Duet. They seem pretty greedy, they wouldn't even do a sample area for me. It seems like most places that use the laser technology and not IPL won't give any sample treatments.

I'm going to another place soon to get a consultation, but once again they won't even give a sample treatment.

Is this normal? The girls that work there seem nice, she was even gonna through me in a free treatment without telling the main dr./clinic owner. He seems like a real cheap ass.

I don't understand when you're going to drop $1800+ Canadian on 6 treatments plus a free one, that they can't even give you a sample to see if it even works. I can't believe these places, they just want to take your money and run.

Also joben , I should mention, they have an Alex laser but refuse to use it on the chest since it's "too much work" or some crap like that. They will only offer the LightSheer Duet and claim it works just as well and it is faster. Have you ever tried the LightSheer?

Edited by bry (11/07/15 03:20 PM)

#119918 - 11/10/15 09:53 PM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
jdz Offline

Registered: 07/10/15
Posts: 13
Loc: Washington
I just tried my first session with the lightsheer duet last week on my armpits. I bought the cheapest deal on groupon I could just to try it out. I picked my armpits for the price and if it didn't turn out it wouldn't be hard to deal with later on. I have been getting Electrolosis done on my back for the last 4 months and wanted to try something out for the rest of me while I wait for the rest of my back to get done.

It took less than 5 minutes, felt very little pain (more of a small sting), and was a lot easier than Electrolosis. It seemed to remove the hair although I have stubble coming back now. I did pull a few of the stubbles out with no resistance so I think they are just the dead hairs working their way out. If it works as well as it seems I think I will go the route of the lightsheer duet for the rest of my hair removal and use electrolosis as a way of touching things up in the end if I need it.

I have only had one visit with the lightsheer and I was very skeptical about it but if I continue to get the results I did with the first treatment, I'm sold. Time will tell.

#119919 - 11/10/15 11:27 PM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
bry Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 9

Wish I could find a groupon for the Lightsheer. These places want $1800 for 6 sessions to use the Lightsheer. The girl might throw in a free one, but the main owner seems too greedy to care to even match his prices he had listed on his site.

You don't think the LightSheer is as good? It is a laser correct?

#119920 - 11/11/15 07:43 AM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: bry]
Cihan Yaman

you asked if Laser hair removal is permanent.

Have used for about 2 years home and professional IPL treatments and can say with certainty that they give you a permanent hair reduction.

Depends so strong on the hair color and area but on average would estimate, at least 50% permanent hair reduction after one year of regular treatment.

You need to experience the whole procedure yourself, because the results are insanely different from person to person.

Overall if some of the hair fall out after your test treatment within next weeks, you can calculate how many treatment you need for your wished result.

Edited by Cihan Yaman (11/11/15 07:46 AM)

#119921 - 11/11/15 09:38 PM Re: Laser/IPL Clinics [Re: ]
bry Offline

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 9
Hi Cihan, thanks for the reply.

What kind of at home and professional IPL have you used? Did you see results with home machines or only with professional ones?

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