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#120455 - 01/06/16 09:16 PM Laser hair stimulation on other areas
fedcba_123 Offline

Registered: 01/06/16
Posts: 9
Hi all!

I have been reading this forum for the past few months as I have some kind of hair trouble. I'm female/Asian/24.

Initially, I had a fine line of hair around my navel and down a line to my pubic area. However I went for a few IPL sessions (about 5-6) and noticed the line went upwards instead. I read online that it might be due to too low light settings hence it stimulated growth instead. Hence I did the unthinkable and went to do laser at an aesthetics clinic with a doctor. She used a laser (I think gentleYag laser) at very high settings on a fine line of hair from my below breast area down the line to my pubic area. It was extremely hot but I could bear with the heat, she said I had high tolerance. And because my hair was fine she used high settings.

Within the next week, I found hair growing in the middle of my breasts and across my breasts as well (around the nipples also). This is very alarming as I have never had hair any other area than the stomach. I went back to ask the laser Doctor however she claimed laser cannot cause such stimulation and then she said its due to me being very aware of hair that's why I'm noticing hair in this area. I asked if there's any solution and she said laser is the solution (how am I supposed to believe that!) and she said I could have a hormonal problem. During the initial consultation I did a double check with her if the IPL stimulation could be due to hormonal issues and she checked my face and said I should not have any hormonal issues. When this issue cropped up she said I could have hirsutism or pcos.

I was very very afraid by then. I went to a gynae and she checked my hormonal levels and did an ultrasound on my ovaries. The only hormonal issues I had was the LH:FSH ratio slightly off at 1:3 which affects getting pregnant, and not hair. My testosterone and estrogen levels were normal and fine. I told her I was afraid of hair growing then she prescribed Diane 35 which she said can reduce body and facial male pattern hair on females. Anyway, I started reading online that Diane 35 had a lot of side effects and frankly I didn't want to create another problem for myself. So I did not take the medicine.

Two months later I went to an endocrinologist and expressed my concern because the hairs from the laser grew back by quite a lot more, albeit they were all fine hairs. She saw that my hairs were fine hairs, and said I could not have hirsutism and such patients have very coarse hair. She tested my DHEA level in my adrenal glands but it came back normal. The endo also said I should not eat Diane 35 as it is used to thin hair and I already I have fine hairs so the impact would not be significant for me, whereas I'm exposing myself to the risk of blood clots etc. She also said she does not think laser hair removal causes such a reaction.

However, I'm still plagued by this hair growth issue because it has spread to my upper chest and sides of my stomach. Although it may not be noticeable for now, I'm afraid it will grow longer and become a problem. The fact is I have never lasered my chest. And this is making me feel very depressed and low self esteem. I have checked with my sisters and they do not have such weird massive fine hair growing on these places, i.e. Chest, sides of stomach. At most it's the line of fine hair.

I'm now seeking traditional Chinese medicine in desperation as I do not know what to do to stop the growth.

Electrolysis is not popular in my country but I have found one person who does it. However I'm very afraid that it cannot solve my problem frown

Now I can see all the fine hairs on my entire torso. I am really very afraid and everyday I just feel very depressed and hate my body because I caused this when originally I was not even this hairy! frown

I have a few questions:
May I check with you guys whether you have came across such weird cases?
Would the fine hairs start spreading towards my neck and face area?
In your opinions, do u think the laser might have ignited some sort of mechanism that makes androgens bind to my hair follicles more easily now?
Is there any way I can stop this naturally, other than taking hormonal pills?

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#120461 - 01/06/16 11:32 PM Re: Laser hair stimulation on other areas [Re: fedcba_123]
adrien_sanchiz Offline

Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 08/02/13
Posts: 320
Loc: France, Spain
I feel sorry you had a bad experience in your hair removal journey. I hope this forum could help you finding a solution.

You are a young lady, you body hair pattern (fine vellus hair I presume) may be unstable and this kind of hair in hormono-dependant areas such as breast or face could develop for many reasons.

One of these reasons is laser heat stimulation. In some cases, hormono-dependant areas can suffer from laser-induced hair growth, which mean paradoxical hair growth.

This is why laser should be done only on non-hormono-dependant areas with terminal hair in order to avoid this problem.

The easiest way to fix your problem is electrolysis. As you may know electrolysis is the only method which can garantee permanent results. A good electrologist can permanently remove all laser-induced hair and all visible fine hair.

You said you know an electrologist. Before doing sessions on delicate parts such as breast or face, I advice you to do a test with him/her.
In an area where you didn't shave or wax a long time ago (minimum 3 mouths) for exemple the arm, you will do a patch zone test where all hair will be removed.

6 weeks after the test, you should notice at least 70% hair reduction and no scaring at all.

May I ask you where do you live ?

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Licensed electrologist and esthetician.

#120472 - 01/08/16 09:24 AM Re: Laser hair stimulation on other areas [Re: fedcba_123]
fedcba_123 Offline

Registered: 01/06/16
Posts: 9

Hi all,

Can I check if anyone who suffered from laser induced hair growth, generally how long did the entire new hairs take to surface on your body and which area was it?

I would really appreciate your responses, thank you!!

#120473 - 01/08/16 10:04 AM Re: Laser hair stimulation on other areas [Re: fedcba_123]
hairy Harry Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 07/08/15
Posts: 75
I suffered from Lazer induced hair growth, it may have been after about the 3rd (of 6) sessions that I noticed, the new growth was on the chin area that I was having treated, I did ask the Lazer operator if the laser can simulate new hair growth and she told me no, it wasn't until I read on this site that it can happen!

#120474 - 01/08/16 11:14 AM Re: Laser hair stimulation on other areas [Re: fedcba_123]
fedcba_123 Offline

Registered: 01/06/16
Posts: 9
Hi Harry! I guess you are male? How large was the area of the laser stimulated new hair growth?

#120475 - 01/08/16 02:23 PM Re: Laser hair stimulation on other areas [Re: fedcba_123]
hairy Harry Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 07/08/15
Posts: 75
Hi Fedcba, I'm female... The area that was been treated (chin) was the area that the new growth appeared..... I had about 100 hairs each side but on the left side there seemed to be about 50 more growing through after 3 Lazer treatments, all white coarse hairs! frown.. I eventually went and had electrolysis done, did that for about 9 months, then I started using the One Touch at home for any hairs that pop out now and again. I'm practelly all clear now in the chin area.. ☺:)

#120476 - 01/08/16 08:25 PM Re: Laser hair stimulation on other areas [Re: fedcba_123]
fedcba_123 Offline

Registered: 01/06/16
Posts: 9
Oh I see!! Glad to hear you are all fine now!


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