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#120515 - 01/13/16 11:36 AM Questions & Ideas
Cihan Yaman

Anybody experienced a clear pain tolerance after some hours and days of diy treatment? Also any scientific explanation for that own natural pain regulation?

In my view the pain receptors in the brain create a tolerance, similar to the desensitization of drug addict who need more and more dosis to feel the same effect.

Second was their any electrologist partnership who have done dual treatments simultaneously on a client? Are their any benefits than just the time aspect?

Third question, does anybody have experience in treating little scars with the heat of the needle? I have done that on a spot and the result is interesting. The scar bump changed and was removed so that only the surface is still scared. It's a more comfortable feeling overall, especially on touches.

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#120517 - 01/13/16 04:43 PM Re: Questions & Ideas [Re: ]
Iluv2zap Offline
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Registered: 11/19/14
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Hi Cihan

I dont know that many of the DIY'ers post here a lot regularly, I'm probably the best known here so I'll try and answer your question.For reasons that will become obvious, I'm not sure it's politically correct to relate this here, but well to hell with it.

As to pain tolerance, first I feel this does vary greatly from person to person, based on their experience to pain, what drugs they may be on to control pain, what they have eaten or drank recently, and a number of other factors.I'll try to draw on some of that experience to at least partially answer your question.Not all of this experience or knowledge comes from doing electrology however, some of it comes from some rather ahem, unique experiences I'm not fully comfortable talking about in an open forum, but knowing them gives perspective to the answers so I will anyway.

Long before I inserted my first probe into skin, I had experienced pain, as a pleasurable experience. That doesnt really sound right, but it's known that I have in the past been involved kink, specifically as a bottom to a particularly skilled sadist. There is a mindset or concept amoung people who live that type of lifestyle of "good pain" and "bad pain" that is, pain one wishes to experience and pain one does not. The trick part is that someone who has had extensive experience in feeling pain as an experience, begin to develop the ability to turn "bad pain" into "good pain". So that much is related to the persons "experience with pain". No matter what the source, if someone has experienced pain with any regularity throughout their lifetimes, they often have the skill to perform this mental trick. It doesnt have to be in that form either, there can be many sources for such a skill, say a disability or injury for example. In some cases disabled people can do it. So Mindset, and the ability or experience pain as not necessarily a bad thing, comes into play rather highly.
And for anyone wondering, no it's not a part of my world anymore and hasnt been for a long time, but the skill of turning the pain into a posative experience, will last a person a lifetime.

Another thing that experience taught me many years ago, is that physical condition, can mean the same pain felt with the same intensity, can be felt differently based on the persons physical condition. We know that things like caffeine consumption, sleep deprivation, stress, and a myriad of other factors, can vastly change how pain is perceived. The worst experince pain wise,I have ever had with a client was when they came to me after staying up all might and day after a overnight double shift.

Finally, there is a physical response to pain.This is often experienced by long distance runners, when they talk about "getting their second wind" . Your body reacts to pain that is experienced repetitively by producing a compound called endorphins. These endorphins reduce the pain sensations and produce a euphoric experience in mind and body. Chemically, these endorphins are identical to cocaine. IT is a very strong naturally occurring pain management system that everyone has to a certain extent .

I will say, that when I began electrolysis, I did use that mental trick, as well as a tolerance built up, to make the experience more tolerable. Perhaps that is why I had mostly completed my face, before I ever used any topical anaesthetic like lidocaine. I use it now for my neck, but I dont HAVE TO. Doing electrolysis to oneself, and seeing the progress, can be a very powerful motivator to mentally turn the pain experienced into a positive experience. I think however the most headway can be made by making sure one has enough sleep, is adequately hydrated, limit caffeine intake and has reduced stress. Once all those are in place, it becomes much easier to turn the pain into a good pain. You mind, and body, are better prepared for it.

I havent done a double session, though I might soon because a client has apparently been inquiring about it. There is not any advantage to it, not from pain management side, nor financially because you are then paying two electrologists. However there can be a physical disadvantage to doing so, in that if both electrologists are working on say the face, the head can only be positioned in one way, and this can be a good position for one, but less than ideal ergonomics for the second.

For your third question about scar treatment, I'm going to refer you to Mr Bono as I feel he has more experience than I in the medical side of scar treatment. You may however want to review his older video on telangitron located on his youtube channel here:

this video partially addresses scar treatment with thermolysis, and may answer part of your question.

By the way, your site is looking good! I wish I was better at web design, I'm beginning to see the need for before, after, and much after pictures of treatment site to show what normal skin reactions should look like. I was talking to my partner today, and since we will be doing some practise work on each other in upcoming weeks, we are considering taking lots of pictures as we go along for this purpose. I encourage you to do the same. Because of copyright issues and client privacy, it's not always okay to use photos of clients, and one thing I've realized is that I didnt take enough pictures at various stages of treatment of my own treatment. Please, take frequent pictures even if you dont think they will be useful, they will be in future.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

#120521 - 01/13/16 09:06 PM Re: Questions & Ideas [Re: ]
hairy Harry Offline
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Registered: 07/08/15
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I never had any pain when having electrolysis done professionally, I just felt a slightly hot sensation, no cream or anaesthetic was used before treatment, come to think of it she never even wiped the area before treatment...... When I DIY with the One Touch I don't feel any pain, I only do the chin area but I did try to do the upper lip but and that hurt like ****!

Seana, I've seen your pictures on another thread, great work! Can I ask you, did you do DIY on your cheek area?

#120523 - 01/13/16 09:24 PM Re: Questions & Ideas [Re: ]
Iluv2zap Offline
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Registered: 11/19/14
Posts: 1549
yes. I have a partner who helps under the chin/neck area because I cannot work there ( too hard to see and get an accurate insertion). Other than that I am the only person who works on my face.

That said, I didnt use a one touch, I used a professional epilator with f shank probes. If you are going to DIY, only work with the best equipment. It will save you a lot of problems.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

#120528 - 01/14/16 11:38 AM Re: Questions & Ideas [Re: ]
Cihan Yaman

Hi Seana,

thank you for the huge effort in your answer!

Your explanation of the different pain sensitization and regulation which dependents on various factors like the psychological mindset and physical condition is perfect.

That's pretty powerful stuff, especially for someone who does diy electrolysis.

Ok, I have mentioned dual electrolysis because no one has talked about it before. The disadvantage of the position for both practitioners seems to limit the treatment areas.

Furthermore thank you again, because I have forgotten to watch all the deep stuff from Master Bono. Need to keep an eye on his golden sharings!

Awesome and very informative.

P.S I take the advise for creating a digital gallery very serious :-)

Edited by Cihan Yaman (01/14/16 11:40 AM)

#120529 - 01/14/16 12:40 PM Re: Questions & Ideas [Re: ]
Michael Bono Offline

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Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Oh Gosh ... I am anything but a "master." I'm like all of us ... looking and seeking. (Seriously, I prefer "asshat" to "master," I prefer to LAUGH than to "puff up.")

Any and all suggestions of new video topics will be greatly appreciated. And, here's what I have discovered: if you want to understand something, write about it (or make a video). Guess who learns something? The writer! Putting your ideas down on paper challenges your notions ...

All my stuff, over the years, was never about "lecturing others" ... it was about trying to figure things out for myself.

YES! BIG encouragement for a photo gallery from Seana! GO with it!

Edited by Michael Bono (01/14/16 12:42 PM)


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