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#115094 - 09/01/14 04:53 PM Dr. Angela Christiano nucleic acid target gene int
awarren28 Offline

Registered: 08/25/14
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I am a 20 year old male with coarse dark hair all over my body. I have struggled with self conscious issues since 6th grade because I had much hairier legs than everyone else and since then the hair everywhere else has taken off an grown more than others especially on my arms. Here recently the self conscious issues have hit me very hard and I have started experiencing some depression and anxiety that has been very unhealthy for me physically and mentally while going through college.

Due to the recent struggles I began searching for any possible answer to my problem and one of the more interesting finds has been the work of Dr. Angela Christiano from Columbia University. In 2008 I believe is the year, she seemed to be on the brink of a way to stop hair growth permanently by nucleic acid target gene interference, but her efforts seemed to come up short. I have tried to contact her but have yet to receive a reply which is pretty much what I expected due to her prominence in the dermatology world. If anybody has any idea if there is still ongoing research similar to this of Dr. Christiano I would like to know because I am tired of dealing with being extremely hairy and I really want an answer. Here is a link to what exactly Dr. Christiano had going on.

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#115107 - 09/01/14 09:52 PM Re: Dr. Angela Christiano nucleic acid target gene int [Re: awarren28]
dfahey Offline

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I tried to contact Dr. Christiano way back in 2006? No reply either. I think she I concentrating on curing baldness and then perhaps she will stumble on curing hirsutism.
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#115113 - 09/02/14 07:58 AM Re: Dr. Angela Christiano nucleic acid target gene int [Re: dfahey]
awarren28 Offline

Registered: 08/25/14
Posts: 12
That's exactly what I was thinking. I read that she stumbled across what she thought would be a cure for hypertrichosis/hirsutism while working to cure baldness, so I'm sure that is her main focus especially since it affects a lot more people.

#120534 - 01/15/16 10:29 AM Re: Dr. Angela Christiano nucleic acid target gene int [Re: awarren28]
teddyg Offline

Registered: 10/20/14
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Christiano is a sell out. She sold whatever she was working on to the highest bidder (probably a company like Gillette who have too much to lose if the world could permanently and easily remove hair.)
Hair removal is a multi-billion dollar industry and it supports a lot of jobs around the world. Have you seen the price of razor blades???
Too much money to lose for us plebs to have an easy permanent solution.
One day they won't be able to stop the breakthroughs but for now they have us by the balls.
Yours in hairy misery.

#120537 - 01/15/16 06:06 PM Re: Dr. Angela Christiano nucleic acid target gene int [Re: awarren28]
adrien_sanchiz Offline
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Genetic manipulation is not an "easy thing" which could bring "an easy solution".
For some pathology such as congenital hypertrichosis universalis (wolf men and women who were exposed in freak shows in the XIX and XX century and still doing nowadays in some TV shows) medical research is a very big hope.

However for excess hair in arms and legs or in other body part, there is a permanent solution which works perfectly : electrolysis hair removal

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