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#121937 - 05/16/16 08:39 PM Re: Advice on Settings for Laser hair removal [Re: hairh]
hairh Offline

Registered: 03/16/16
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This is what the brochure says:

Small sapphire optic

12mm x 12mm

large sapphire optic

23mm x 38mm

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#121942 - 05/16/16 09:49 PM Re: Advice on Settings for Laser hair removal [Re: hairh]
Deedra Offline

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Any laser experts out there? It looks like the power goes up to 20 joules?
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#121945 - 05/16/16 10:36 PM Re: Advice on Settings for Laser hair removal [Re: hairh]
Iluv2zap Offline
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I dont know if we have any practitioners for laser still posting here. There's Brenton of course, but I think he is on the "knowledgeable consumer" side. The last I remember is LA girl, but she hasnt posted since 2013, but used to be a frequent poster here. I'm not sure if she retired, deceased, or got peeved at something and went her own way. But actual laser experts, is something we dont really have any more to my knowledge.
Seana Richmond
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#126466 - 05/01/18 08:09 PM Re: Advice on Settings for Laser hair removal [Re: hairh]
Janna Offline

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I searched the site for "vectus" in posts from the last 5 years and nobody has any experience with it. I just contacted Dr. Hamilton (recommended here) and they have switched from GentleLASE (Alexandrite) to Vectus (Diode). I confirmed they no longer offer GentleLASE treatments.

Vectus stats:
810nm diode laser
12x12mm small tip, 100J/cm^2 max or 23x38mm large tip, 20J/cm^2 max
5-300ms pulse width, repeat up to 3Hz

Google found this study on Vectus vs Lightsheer DUET, both diode lasers. It reads a little like it might have been paid for by Vectus due to their Vectus praising and the fact they have a nice table of stats for Vectus but not for Lightsheer. The Vectus results seem a little too good to be true: 64% reduction 6 months after treatment with 12x12mm spot size at 26J, vs 44% reduction at 29J using LightSheer with 9x9mm spot size.

Elsewhere on Hairtell people say 32J is best for permanent removal, so getting much better results than Lightsheer with 26J sounds suspicious. The study explains it by saying Vectus has better reflection in its tip such that any light that bounces off the skin bounces back into the skin as long as it hits the reflector. The explanation sounds plausible. It's the same reason larger spot size works better than smaller - more light refracts under the surface of the skin. Part of Vectus's effectiveness is the 12x12 spot size vs 9x9 on lightsheer. The study also commented on how well the large 23x38mm tip worked (65% reduction) despite using it at 14J and despite it not causing much redness around hairs. The reasoning for its effectiveness was the same.

Vectus does adjust power level and pulse width based on what it 'sees' on the skin before each pulse. Based on the video posted earlier, you can set a lower or higher baseline power level. I'm not sure if the settings are a minimum, maximum, or average power. I'll have to see if I can find a manual. 10J sounds extremely low.

Someone earlier said machines wouldn't let you use a power setting too low to be effective. Not true. I had a treatment done at Laser Derma Care Center using Cutera Coolglide (ND:Yag laser) which the tech Kelly set to 41J and refused to go higher despite my saying I didn't think it would be effective. I knew from these forums that 50-55 was recommended. Later research shows Cutera's own guidelines say she should have started at 50J for skin type 2 which she said I had.

I should have just left but this was my first experience and this person seemed super nice and had been recommended by a friend. After 5 weeks, only about 20% of hair stopped growing and shed, and only in strips, probably where she overlapped more than in other places. I took before and after photos and aligned them so I could see where every hair matched in a 2x2" section, so I'm sure it wasn't just new hair growing.

Using low settings and coaxing you back for 10-20 treatments is a common tactic amongst clinics. So is being really friendly and seeming trustworthy. One clinic (Fix Laser and Skin Center) claimed I had type 4 skin to justify their crazy low settings. With the right settings, it should take 4-6 treatments. I emailed all this info to two people at Laser Derma Care Center and surprise, I got no response.

I should add that some people may prefer low settings. They're less painful and tend to only show redness for a couple days. Hair is less likely to be killed permanently and may grow back thinner, which some may prefer. When it grows thinner it may be impossible to treat again with laser. If you want permanent removal, don't tolerate low settings.

Anyway, I may give the Vectus a try with Dr. Hamliton since the consultation is free. If they won't do a test spot to prove it's effective at the settings they're willing to use, I won't get treatment.

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