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#122407 - 08/16/16 08:44 AM Re: Caution: DIY electrolysis is risky & hard [Re: Andrea]
FlashinBob Offline

Registered: 08/09/16
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I am copying that down and going to be doing the search tomorrow as have to go to work in a bit. I don't think this Flash N Go was a total waste as it did teach me my true passion about getting this hair totally gone for good! You mentioned you also did this bit with the home IPL and wondering if hair just came right back in so many months after you thought you were done?

I have that fear to the max, will say! Have read about people getting professional laser treatment done and right back where they started in 6months. That is why I am going to go to electrolysis as this is exactly what I want is to be free and clear. Yes I am more of a DIYer person since there is always so many things to do even when not working. The time I do have to do flashing will be better spent putting an end to all of this once and for all.

Now, I did try about 3 small home electrolysis units, 2 One Touch's and some pen type. I saw small results but did have a hard time getting that tiny filament into the hair pore/root. Are these professional units more robust and stronger than those cheap at home units? I did that years back in my early 20's. Pain level I am sure with how many times I got burned with this Flash N Go, would not be too much to take. Also since it would be permanent is also more tolerable. The idea it will keep coming back whether is same or weaker is still not at all appealing to me, that is why am going to move forward to electrolysis.

Is great to have people here to help me as yourself. I still honestly do not feel real comfortable asking someone on the street what to do! Us guys are pretty much taught this is how we are supposed to look, grin and bear it. Only reason a guy would go for permanent hair removal is if they are looking to get a sex change and become a woman. Well, is not the case for me. I also do not harbor any ill will to anyone that decides it. I just have almost zero attraction to any man, so would be wrong for me to do that. I also live with a woman I am very content with.

I am happy to see is becoming much more acceptable for men as myself to go this way. Knowing the itching and scratching and future sores will not happen anymore is the greatest thing anyone as myself can ask for! I also hope others as myself will accept the same instead of being haunted by guilty pangs of doing it as myself. So, yes the moment I purchased that Flash N Go, I made that decision and will soon continue on with Electrolysis and completion. This temporary solution has totally convinced me how great it feels. My attitude has also changed for the better and have been a more content person since I feel more comfortable when the hair is gone. I will bet is the same for you too?

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#122420 - 08/17/16 09:30 AM Re: Caution: DIY electrolysis is risky & hard [Re: Andrea]
Iluv2zap Offline
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Well, I was going through a sex change when I finally removed the hair with electrolysis. That aside, the motivation to want to remove hair has little to do with gender.Being more content with yourself is enough reason. I've lots of men who are clients because they dont like the hair on their shoulders or the texture of it . I've even had men seek removal because they didnt want the hair to cover up a tattoo they were particularly fond of. Dont tell me men dont get hair removal because they certainly do!

I've plenty of clients that have undergone IPL and they all seem to grow most of it back within a few months, though some of the hair seems to be thinner for a while. The problem with IPL is it lacks sufficient energy to rech and disable the hair root. So it's not sometimes it grows back, it always grows back.

The professional units are built significantly differently from the one touch junk. galvanic by itself is pretty slow unless you are doing multineedle, and can be quite painful because of the period of time the current is on for. Blend has a comfort advantage in that the thermolysis pulse both cauterize the nerves so the galvanic sensation is not felt as well as heating the lye produced so that less of it is needed ( meaning a lower duration /discomfort from current) . Accuracy is much improved with the correct probes and probeholders.
Seana Richmond
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#122429 - 08/18/16 08:49 AM Re: Caution: DIY electrolysis is risky & hard [Re: Andrea]
FlashinBob Offline

Registered: 08/09/16
Posts: 11
Really appreciate all your help and have seen a unit online for about $400. Will have to save for it. My generation as I am 53, was not really accepting of men not being totally hair brutes and follow the masculine hygiene practices most men usually do. Sorry, I just do not fall into that category. Even if I did not have the skin irritation I have, I would still not want the hair. It just looks ugly on skin. On the head and eyebrows fine, just not anywhere else.

Mostly, I would say men of my generation are less accepting, but I still did encounter some flack from a woman my age when I was going to buy some women's razors. I have never worn men's cologne or used men's soaps and deodorants either. I can't stand the smell. Too poignant and makes my nose run. People are more accepting of that fact, but the hairless part is even a touchy subject with my woman.

I tried to hide the fact I had that Flash N Go. Of course through the bathroom door she saw the flashes and told me she thought I was taking selfies of myself. I told her what it was but discussion just halted right there. She really does not want to know things like this. Sure, when we were dating she knew I used an epilator, but once again just accepted it, but wanted to know zero details about it. I even got her one, which she used for maybe a week and then just gave up on it, said it bothered her too much. I gave her zero hassle on that as is her preference to be a little hairier. Sure, she shaves her legs and underarms but arms are actually hairier than I ever was, but I accept it as I love her very much!

I am going to be a little worried what will happen when I get this electrolysis machine as I can tell will never just fit easily into a drawer. Also have zero clue what the noise level will be of it? I honestly did had high hopes of this flash stuff working, but I know when it comes to my face will never get even close to everything and I have zero proof the 80% done everywhere else will hold for the rest of my life. I have just heard way too much about hair returning. I want zero returns and just be able to enjoy my life without it. I will bet you enjoy it deeply never having to worry about pesky hairs bothering you!

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