I'm currently undergoing laser hair removal for my lower legs. The clinic I go to uses the Lightsheer Diode. All I know about the settings is that they increase by two with each treatment. First treatment was 18, 20, then 22 for my third. I'm not sure if the settings are high enough because I haven't had much shedding with the previous two treatments. At least not enough to notice a difference, but I'm keeping in mind I've only had three treatments thus far.

During the treatments, I do feel snapping. I also have redness that subsides within a few hours and some bumps around the follicles that subside within a few days.

I have type 1 skin, as pale as Casper and very dark, coarse hair. Most of my follicles on my lower legs have 2 hairs in each, some even have 3 so the growth is quite fierce. I'm also wondering if that has anything to do with why I'm not seeing immediate progress.

I'm waiting the next few weeks to see how successful the third session was. Does this sound like a normal experience, or should I tell her to up the settings next time that I go in? I've tried researching Diode settings and I'm not finding any definitive answers.

If anyone has any advice, that would be helpful.