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#123957 - 05/11/17 10:37 PM Re: What setting for blend Sterex? [Re: Starling22]
Michael Bono Offline

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DC flood-out is very real indeed.

I will delve into this topic, but can't do it justice in a few written lines (that virtually nobody will read).

But consider the difference between grammar and the spoken language. Language came before grammar. Grammar was developed ONLY to help people understand and learn a language that was already being spoken. Similarly, those are the "units of lye" charts, etc.

The charts, formulas and computerized features have removed from the operator what the fingers and eyes once clearly understood. Indeed, grammar does have its place ... but then the language should become second-nature; an instinct.

Think about this: when you speak your native language, you NEVER think about the grammar rules. And, that concept will be the basis of a video when I'm back up and running.

Imagine if you were forced to make a sentence diagram each time you spoke a sentence. Silly. And, making people compute "units of lye" and follow arbitrary rules that were only designed to guide you, is equally silly.

Topping my list of "silly," is the infernal "beeping" that some machines make. The beep was designed only as a guide, but some electrologists think the beep indicates a perfectly epilated hair.

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#124054 - 05/20/17 11:16 AM Re: What setting for blend Sterex? [Re: Starling22]
Greek Offline

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Even though this was solved in another thread, I emailed Sterex a while ago and just got a reply regarding how the DC Setting is set:

"Sterex haven’t had a machine with a mA meter for over 20 years as we changed to digital readouts showing the percentage of available current rather than measuring the output in terms of mA's.
Therefore we can't give you comparisons with mA output but advise you that you should start with a low output and work up 5-10 digits at a time, in a different follicle each time, until you find the working point (the level at which the hair removes easily from the follicle)then record that number on the clients record card."

#124056 - 05/20/17 05:47 PM Re: What setting for blend Sterex? [Re: Starling22]
fenix Offline
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That's strange. % of what? In what units of measurement? This is the main problem with electrolysis machines in that they lack universal standards. Every manufacturer makes up measurements of something that can't be translated to another machine etc.. HF never had a universal measuring system that could be translated to other machines, but with Blend and Galvanic the DC side was always straight up: 0.1 mA would be the same 0.1 mA on another machine, until Sterex lol

#124057 - 05/21/17 12:51 AM Re: What setting for blend Sterex? [Re: fenix]
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This was posted in the "electrolysis on penis" thread but I think dimi is correct:
Originally Posted By dimi
In the machine characteristics is written that the maximum current output is 1mA. That means 100% output is equal to 1 mA. If the convergence is linear than each 10% will be 0.1 mA or 1%-0.01mA.

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