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#124522 - 08/14/17 08:32 PM Re: Another French Medical Plucker [Re: adrien_sanchiz]
dfahey Offline

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I'm really surprised that the great politicians and medical community of France are so illogical and so closed-minded about educating non-physicians to perform electrolysis, so the PEOPLE can have access to excellent electrolysis care. There are lot of hairy people in France. Free market principles would serve the people of France very well and the all wise, all powerful (government) could collect more taxes with more people working. Who could be happier? It's a win-win situation.

Why does electrolysis and electrolysis education thrive in the UK?

Dee Fahey, R.N., C.T.
Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Nursing license and Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis license

British Institute & Association of Electrolysis

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#124523 - 08/15/17 05:27 AM Re: Another French Medical Plucker [Re: James W. Walker VII]
beate_r Offline

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Originally Posted By James W. Walker VII
Of course, since the problem is both access to both service and education, you have to ask yourself, who is teaching the doctors.

Nobody. Well, a few send their employees to a training, but others are seeking Employees with the note "it is easy to learn".

(That's why the majority of the clients seem to give up after an initial training...)
Beate Ritzert

Elektroepilation Dr. Beate Ritzert

#124524 - 08/15/17 07:53 AM Re: Another French Medical Plucker [Re: adrien_sanchiz]
adrien_sanchiz Offline
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Dee and Beate, you both are right. The current system in France is illogical.
No one in teaching electrology because they do not know what it really is : electrolysis hair removal is not putting a needle in the skin and sendind current from a electric bistouri device !!

An access to education to non-physician will be the key for a "win-win situation" as Dee said.
Licensed electrologist and esthetician.

#124525 - 08/15/17 08:59 AM Re: Another French Medical Plucker [Re: adrien_sanchiz]
James W. Walker VII Offline

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Businesses can't make money teaching electrolysis because there is no profit in meeting regulatory requirements and holding classes for the few people who will show up, at the prices they are willing to pay for learning the profession. On the other hand, even if the best people taught the best techniques to anyone who came to learn for free, or for donations, there would be no legal certification credentials at the end of the training, just competency in performing the work, because this second model has bypassed expensive legal hurdles and regulatory controls.

Let's put it this way, both an ASE Certified Mechanic and a so-called "shade tree mechanic" change the oil in a car the same way, they turn one bolt, let the oil drain into a container, replace the bolt, replace the filter and pour in fresh oil. Your car can't tell the difference. If, however, you can only get oil changes from "Certified Mechanics" or if that program has been ended and only Mechanical Engineers are allowed to change oil in your area, you may need to drive 200 to 500 miles away to find the nearest person advertising that they are doing oil changes.
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