So all the places around have lightsheer duet laser and consider it the gold standard. My last laser treatments were years ago and I still think of Candela Gentlelase as the gold standard.

light skin, dark hair. But I want to get large areas treated (legs, arms, etc.) and no one would want to do that on me with a gentlelase even if they were still doing it. I assume they claim the lightsheer duet is the gold standard because it is large and so faster and more profitable, but what is the deal? Am I likely to get success with it?

Light skin. Dark hair. Previously with the Candela Gentlelase on my face, I could tolerate maxing out the settings at 18mm, and nearly maxing out the setting at 15mm. It has been years and I don't remember what those setting are, but basically can tolerate twice what put most of my technician's clients on the floor.