Hey everyone. 5 tx in total and 2 touch ups. Maybe it's because each session was on low settings but %70 of the missing part of my beard has come back. Left side isn't patchy at all. Right side looks okay but I don't see much hair near my mustache. I hope in time they'll come back too

bad news is they're all damn thin and I have no idea how long will it take for them to mature smirk
That's why I'm in a conflict. I'll try not to laser sides of my beard completely and most of my neck. I have an appointment next Wednesday. I'll decide what to do with doctor. In here no one is willing to laser your beard. I've found only one clinic that perform laser on beard and nurse told me people mostly end up patchy even if they stay smooth. She wanted to say ''you'll be smooth as long as you keep coming''... and they have well known lasers like Lightsheer Duet etc. I don't know what to do. Wish somebody could tell me when I will see all those thin hairs mature and blend in smirk

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